Monday, June 29, 2009

I cooked last night and took my lunch to work today. It tastes way better than the crap I buy and it is way cheaper.


Life is nice and slow. I am not too stressed.

Is the economy picking up? or is it getting worse? There is too much contradicting news right now. I know my economy has gotten a bit better, hours at the part-time gig are steady.

The price of gas keeps creeping up. outch!

Paying yourself first feels soooooo good. soooo good.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Money on TV!!

I am sitting here watching Bridezillas. This is would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

Picture this:
Brand new SUV $58,000

Credit card declined when buying gas: priceless!!

Nice way to start a marriage. Miss bratty bride maxes out her credit card without telling her soon to be husband. Wow!! Starting a marriage in debt in secrecy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Experian sent me a letter indicating that the balance in question was paid off over a year ago. The letter is great, but hellooooo I need you to update my damn records. I will be following up with them in about 30 days.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Credit Report

I pulled my credit report this week to review for errors. Lo and behold damn Experian still has a balance on a credit card that I paid over a year ago. They are the only one still reporting that card with a balance. The other two agencies has the balance as 0. I disputed the debt and am waiting on a response from Experian.

It is really important to take advantage of the free reports.

Random Thoughts

I don't worry as much about money as I used to. Why? I've finally realized worrying doesn't help, except to give me heart burn. I am learning and making better financial decisions. Does this mean everything is perfect? No, far from it. There is still a long ways to go. However, small steps are getting me there.

My credit card debt is disappearing nicely. It will be a small celebration when it finally reaches $0 by year's end.

There is money in the checking account from week to week.

My eating out has gotten worse in the past few weeks because of family related stress. I haven't been cooking. That has got to improve this weekend, so I have lunch for next week.

My car has over 30K on it and I need the recommended service package for 30K. The estimate is $450. I will be calling a few other places to get prices on it. However, I'm not worried. It will be done next pay day. Saying that feels soooo good.

I've been spending more time talking to the man upstairs!!

Hours at the part-time gig are up, then down, but back up again.