Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am back to the real world of bills and work and all that. It was a wise decision to fill my tank before heading to MA. The further north you go the more expensive gas becomes, in most places. I filled my tank in NJ after work at $1.98 per gallon. The price where I live in NY is still $2.30+ per gallon. On my way back to NY today I had a half tank and contemplated whether or not I should fill up. The price was $2.35 per gallon. Oh hellzzz no. My car is very good on gas. I got back to NY, went to NJ to run an errand where I got my car filled at $198 per gallon.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Am off for the weekend

I will be visiting family this weekend a few hours away.

A wonderful weekend to all.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thank you to 3 Things About Money...

For the idea to pay Ms. Sallie on a weekly basis with small payments versus the one big payment each month. The interest is no longer accumulating, and for each payment a larger bulk goes to principal. I am now seeing the principal balance go down versus up.

Once again, thank you 3 things about money.

Monday, October 23, 2006


The E-fund is back up and running. It currently stands at $300. It is funded $100 every two weeks from the main gig, and $50 from the part-time gig. I decided against using the HSBC mainly because the direct deposit is easy to set up with ING. Automatic, automatic, automatic.

Now I do not have to think about it.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Random sh*t

With the week I have had, let me just get some ish off my chest.

I know the job does not require a degree, but I have one so stop talking to me like am stupid. Do not insult my intelligence. Can't wait to get a real job that has growth potential where I can actually learn something.

Why is it so hard for people in New Jersey to drive in the rain. B*tch slow down, cuz trust me anybody hit my car again, they gonna get it.

No I do not speak damn spanish, ENGLISH ONLY. Speak english damnit, stop signaling with your hands. No comprendo.

How the hell do you complain about not having money, but yet you buy lunch everyday. Dumb broad.

Gas is now $2.09 per gallon. Yippeeee. I need my dollars sto stretch, so prices keep going down.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bad timing

My 5 year old dell laptop has a few things wrong with it:

The speakers do not work so I have to use headphones.

The touch pad mouse does not work. I am using a gateway regular mouse a friend gave me.

With all the problems it still did the job.

However, last night the keyboard suddenly stopped working. Am here typing by using the on screen keyboard, arghhhhhh!!!!!

This is slow and annoying. However, I do not have any money for a new laptop at least till Christmas.

Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap reliable laptop? I am starting to save for a new one.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sallie Mae and the saga continues

This time around am happy to say she has been acting right. I keep my eye on her like a hawk. The payments have set up to go out weekly, so I check in online to make sure she is doing what I asked. So far so good. (knock on wood)
I have to keep check her cuz this b***ch is liable to start acting bipolar and do crazy shit with my money.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Career decisions...what do I wanna be when I grow up

In February I received a Master of Public Administration (MPA). The job ( you know the thing you do just for a paycheck) I have now is completely unrelated and as a matter of fact does not require a degree if you ask me. Here is the dilemna, I have only been there for a year. I am leary to move because I do not want my resume to look to hoppy / crazy.

The problem is that I have started looking and can't find anything in my field. Also, am not 100% sure of what I really want to do.
I have a few friends who have moved to the Virginia/DC area where positions are more readily available than here in NY.

I need advice from anyone who have been in there career a few years.

Should I start looking now? Would leaving this job after a year have an adverse impact on my career prospects?

Time to buckle down and...

Save as much money as I can and pay off debt. After the week I have had at work it began to make me think what would happen if I was unemployed from the main gig right now? So what would I do? Ha I would cry first....and then figure some things out later.

In the mean time here is the plan for now, in the event I loose the main gig in the next few weeks.

I would increase the amount of hours at the part-time gig. However, this would put me back to the days before I finished undgrad. It would keep a roof over my head and food on the table.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


My 403B is performing decently. I now have a little over $3,000 in less than a year. In 2007 I will try and increase the amount am contributing, after I pay off my debt.

goals for 2007

I renewed the lease on my apartment for one more year. This will give me a year to get things together financially. I now have new goals to be accomplished by the end of 2007:

1. Be debt free of all credit cards.

2. Pay off sallie mae student loan.

3. Establish an emergency fund of $10,000.

4. Get more educated on the home-buying process.

In order to fulfill all these goals I will continue at the part-time gig, as long as am physically able to.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

$11 worth of fun

Tonight I went bowling with some friends. $11.00 dollars and a few hours later, it was well worth it. I had a fabulous time. For those few hours I did not have to worry about all my bad luck and near financial meltdowns of recent weeks.

At the end of the night... it was $11.00 well spent.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I took the rental back today so that expense is no more. My car is done so I will be picking it up tomorrow morning, that is an additional bill. Life will be back to a somewhat sense of normalcy.

Today was pay day, had to pay the rent, car note, student loans, credit loans. I still need to put figures to paper.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Got up this morning and the rental I have was missing. I absolutely hate living here now. After three hours and countless phone calls I was told that the car was not towed so I need to call 911 to report the car stolen. Did I mention this is the rental, because my car is being repaired. Arrrgghhh.

I wait an hour for the police to come where my car was missing from. After they do there little investigation, it turns out the car was towed, not stolen. It only took them over three hours of my time to figure that nonsense out.

So what is the verdict.
$185 to get the car out the lot.
$115 parkin ticket. What the fvck.....am loosing it right now.

Why the heck is all this happening to me, all at once.