Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Ready For Summer..........

means boot camp classes 3 days per week for the next 6 weeks.


Financial Updates

Means eating healthier.....more fresh fruits and vegetables......this means more money.

I recently called Dish Network to downgrade my package. This means extra money in my pocket, which means extra money for Sallie Mae.

The price of gas in my area (NYC) is over $4 per gallon.

My office moved to a new location recently. This change in my schedule didn't fare well for my wallet. Starting next week I will do better. Less eating out at work and more brown bagging. Or in my case a cute little blue bagging in it. This is better for my waist line and my wallet.

Sallie Mae

My pimp, aka Sallie Mae has been applying my extra payments to principal. I don't trust her so I'll keep my eye on her until the balance is 0. That will be a day to celebrate.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Goal Change

I've decided that $6,000 emergency fund is enough. I will not add any more cash to my savings account for the rest of 2011. Why???? I am sick and tired of Sallie Mae. She has been on my back since sophomore year of college. That was quite a few years back. The monthly statement emails are annoying as heck. I don't like being annoyed.

My new focus will be to pay off Sallie Mae before the end of the year. This will require a payment of approximately $650 per month. Everyone else will be getting the minimum until I get rid of her. Sallie Mae is not my highest debt, it's not even the debt with the highest interest rate. However, it is the debt that bothers me the most. This decision is purely a psychological one. Financially it would make more sense to pay off one of the cc. Personal finance is just that 'personal'.