Friday, December 28, 2007

Credit Card Debt Consolidated

All my credit card debt has been consolidated. The APR is lower than what I was paying on the cards.
The actual cards are not being used. The consolidation loan will be paid off quickly, quickly, quickly.

I feel more free now. Simplifying my financial life is a work in progress. Three less bills in the mail box.

There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to one and all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

HSBC interest has been lowered again

It is now 4.2%.

People in the mortgage crises and credit card debt are not the only ones suffering. Savers are feeling the pain too.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A few words of wisdom to shoppers...Let me get this off my chest

I just finished an 8 hour shift at the part-time gig. There are a few (well alot) of things I need to get off my chest. Sorry in advance if I offend anyone.

You do not have to get it because it is on sale.

Control your kids. The store is not a playground. Also, teach your little monsters to speak with their inside voices.

I am just the cashier, the powers that be sets the prices. If you think the merchandise is expensive, then DO NOT BUY IT. I couldn't give a flying fvck if you cannot afford your Christmas gifts.


You really should not be getting another store credit card. I remember your face from last week when your visa declined. Irresponsible!!

Please take the fighting OUTSIDE. Preferably all the way outside the mall. Cuz if one of you fools miss and hit me, it's on.


You finished with your purchases and walked away. I don't care if you ran back to get one other item (after 10 minutes, mind you). GET YO AZZ BACK ON THE DAMN LINE. All those other people are waiting. You already had your damn turn.

Is that the line? Hell you think those 30+ people are standing their because we are friends.

The light is off and my back is turned. Is this register open? What you think Einstein. On top of that you see me speaking to someone. How about saying excuse me before you start running your mouth.

You need that shirt off the display? Ask for help, you damn near broke it, then have the nerve to complain.

Word to the couples 'in love', wait until your outside to argue. Obviously two broke people in a relationship is bad chemistry.

DO NOT TOUCH THE COMPUTER SCREEN. You need to know the price ask me.


Friday, December 14, 2007


I have narrowed down my goal for 2008.

1. Do not incur any new credit card debt.

2. Pay off at least $10,000 of my current debt.

That's it.

I will also start to contribute to my pension as of 2008.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Shopping

My holiday shopping budget is $300. This year I am only purchasing gifts for the children in my life. I already know which gifts am purchasing.

Holiday shopping made easy!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


are not in business to help people loose weight and or make them healthier. Gyms are in business to make a profit whether or not you loose weight. I recently decided I wanted to go back to the gym. I could go to my old gym or the new fancy one that opened up close to home. Low and behold last night I called the new snazzy gym to ask a simple question. Instead of getting a simple answer, I got a rather car-salesman-snake-pitch to come in and sign up. For now, I will stick to my dvds that I have at home. No gyms for me, since I am not looking to sign a contract with anyone.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Conversations at the register

TBB: Your total is xyz dollars.

Broke Customer: Can I put x on this card (insert store credit card here)?

TBB: Sure no problem.

Broke Customer: The rest is on this card (insert debit card here)?

TBB: Miss the card declined.

Broke Customer: Really?? (with the surprised look)

TBB: Yes really? (with the WTF look)
Broke Customer: Ok let me take some things off. Am probably over my limit anyway.

TBB: Whispers under my breath (you think).

I am so tempted to give some of these customers the URL to my favorit financial blogs. It is hard being a pf blogger and working retail. I am not perfect but at least am trying.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stretching my paychecks to the limit

The price of everything is rising. It almost seems as if there is a conspiracy out there to eat up my paycheck. Each week I try to stretch my paycheck as much as I can. Here are some of the things I do:

Coupons: I religiously use coupons now more than before.

Electricity: The lights are off and all the unused appliances are unplugged.

Sales: Every store I go into I try to buy items that are on sale. Even at the supermarket I try to buy the items I need when they are on sale.

My new job came at the right time. Taking public transportation is not so bad anymore now that the price of gas has gone up more than 15 cents in two weeks.

These are all things I have been doing in the past. However, in the past couple weeks I have paid much more attention to how much money I spend.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Toy shopping this christmas season

WTH?? is with all the lead in kids toys. I guess all the cheap from China has come back to bite us in the hiney.

For the past few weeks with all the recall I pretty much did not say anything on my blog about. However, a report this morning blew my mind. There is this dot thingamagig toy that is the number one toy in Australia. There are little dots that when you spray them with water they are 'supposed' to stick together. Anywho, the lining on the dots has a chemical that mimics the 'date rape drug'. Yes you got that right, date rape drug. Are you kidding me? I hope corporate America wakes up because they are putting our kids lives in danger. Even though I am not a parent I have kids in my family to buy for.

There is website for to help parents and non-parents research toys this christmas/holiday whatever you wanna call it. The site is The Daily Green. It has toys that were made in the United States that has no lead or any of that other stuff.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Financial Updates

The price of gas in my area increased tremendously in the past two weeks, from $2.53 per gallon to $2.72. As much as I do not like public transportation $4 per day does seems like a bargain.

This months unplanned spending for me totalled $52.86. Ann Taylor had an extra 25% off clearance. I used it as an opportunity to stock up on 3 tops for works. Money well spent, unplanned but well spent.

Taxes at the new job are eating me alive. I am in the process of figuring out the retirement options so I can sign up as soon as possible. In the mean time I am still contributing to the 401K at the part-time gig. It is only two cents here or there, but every little bit helps.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The holiday shopping frenzy has officially begun. Tis the season of overspending, declining credit cards and ompteen returns.

The stories from the part-time gig will only get interesting from now on. I will keep you guys posted.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Get an extra job this holiday season

The holiday season is upon us. Now is the time to get a seasonal job to help with debt reduction. Try hotjobs, career builder, or go to your store of choice and fill out an application in person.

It is totally worth it. I should know, I did it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


- My computer problems are making it difficult to blog, or even visit other other blogs and leave comments.

- I am slowly paying down my credit card debt and being careful not to incur new debt. Things on the financial side are quiet.

- My 401K contributions along with employer match have started at the part-time gig. Now that I think of it I am in a unique position to be contributing to two different 401K plans at once. The dollar is very small each month because I am not working many hours. However, every little bit counts.

- ING's orange savings account has an interest rate of around 3%. My money for bills is able to earn some little interest until it is time to pay bills. Love it.

The lesson I finally learned about when it comes to finances is that small mole hills can make mountains. Am chipping away slowly and making progress.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did anyone watch The Oprah Show????

I am sitting here watching Oprah. Today's show profiled two couples that are heavily in debt. The first couple's situation is out of this world. *Faints*
The woman in the first piece is using credit card convenience checks to pay her bills each month. Huhhhh!!!! What????? Her husband has no idea how much debt they have, wow!!

The second couple has two cars and they live in New York City. You only need one damn car, and you do not need a Lexus to be parking on the street. Thankfully there situation is not as bad as the first one. The thing that bothers me is the $100,000+ in student loans. Are you a doctor or something?

Right now am speechless, got nothing else to say.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Being organized saves money. No more late fees. Sometimes I am so organized a bill gets paid twice in one month.

Why do people think it is appropriate to bring babies to late night movies. If you cannot find a sitter stay your azzzz home. I paid $10 just like you. I would like to enjoy it. On that note, I loved 'Why did I get married?'....Tyler Perry did his thing.

I do not miss going to the gas station on a weekly basis to fill up. Public transportation is not so bad, when it actually works on time and I can get a seat.

I have only two financial goals for 2007 so far. I think they are both realistic and can be achieved in that time frame. I might stick to those two instead of adding more.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Computer Troubles

A year ago my computer started dying. I stretched that bad boy out for a whole year. Well, now the time has come. It is on its last leg. I turned it on a few weeks ago and all the icons and documents disappeared. I am now really in the market for a new computer. My limit is $600 max, not a penny more.

I am looking into getting an Acer it is cheap and comes highly recommended.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Two lessons from the world's richest man

This morning the world's richest man Carlos Slim gave an interview to Diane Sawyer of Good Morning America. The two lessons I took away from this interview were:

1. Keep a spending diary. I knew this before, but hearing it from the world's richest man puts it in a different perspective. He kept a little journal when he was a kid, about how he spent his allowance.

2. You don't have to flaunt it, because you have it. Guess I will not be buying that $400,000 Bentley I saw it my dreams.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

NO. I am sitting here watching the show and I would not have made it past $25,000. Sad, sad, sad.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Random Stuff

The MTA wants to raise the fare from $2.00 to $2.25. Are you kidding me? I can barely get damn seat, or get a train on time and you want more money. I wish my employer would give me raises for mediocre work, absences and lateness. Shhiiittt!! I would be rich after working for only a year.

According to my calculations buying breakfast everyday at work would cost approximately $55 per month. This is the low end breakfast. Nothing with the fancy, smancy coffee and whole wheat blah blah. As long as I keep thinking of this as my electric and gas bill then am good. I will not be tempted to buy anything.

The $20 worth of gas in my car is estimated to last three weeks. Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!

On my new quest to conserve energy my electrical bill has dropped by over $20 per month in the past three months. I will continue with my conservation efforts, there is quite a bit more I can do.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Manhattan Temptations

Ohhhhhhhh the temptation of working in Manhattan!! Lunch on average cost $6.00 and this is on the lower end. When I step off the train I have the temptation of Starbucks and all the restaurants. Then there are the stores filled with clothes, from the low end to the high end. Lawdyyyy!! I cannot roam around during lunch hour without being tempted by everything.

The one good thing is that I can people watch. As a pf blogger, I find myself wondering how many of the people shopping during their lunch hour are in debt to their eyeballs. The lines in the clothing stores around my office are packed during the lunch rush. I see colleagues buying lunch everyday, and all I can think is wow. I am not judging, for all I know they can be debt free. Just can't help but wonder.

This week was good, I only bought lunch once. Next week I will keeping up that trend. Now if only I can get a damn seat on the damn train I would be happy.

I am waiting on lunch to finish cooking. Yeah!! go me, Single Ma I will Fedex your portion...LOL

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lunch for this week will be....

an assorted variety of sandwiches, fruit (strawberry and banana), rice with some kinda meat, mac & cheese with stew chicken.

Now all I need to do is get my lazy butt up and make stuff the night before.

Friday, September 21, 2007 Payment Part 2

The second payment from is on its way to my bank account.


Things are looking up these days.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Job

I have a new full-time job.

Great move for my career, am finally using that degree
More money
Better Benefits
Less hours in the work week
No more tolls, cheaper public transportation

Public transportation: the subway is crowded, stink, loud, stink, stink, did I mention smelly!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Brown Bagging It

Starting on Monday...well maybe Tuesday I need to take my lunch to work.

I would like ideas from those who take their lunch to work. What are some of your favorites to take?

I know the left over dinner from the night before is usually standard for some. However, as a single person who hardly makes anything substancial for dinner (read cereal or lean cuisine) that is not a ver good option.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007 payment

The payment on one of my sale was direct deposited to my account. Love ittttt!
This is the easiest money I have made in a long time, and it did not take much of my time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

401K contribution has begun

This week is pay week, and my contribution to the 401K at the part-time gig has started.

Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhh goooo me!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I made a sale....caching

I have made two sales since listing my books on This is $62.00 that I now have that I did not have before. Love it....not to mention I am cleaning out my closet and having more room at the same time.

Am back

I took a few days off to get my head together. Am back. Not much to report on financially except that I need to get back on the bandwagon. I fell off for those few tumultuous emotionally draining days.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blogging Break for a few days

I think I will be taking a blogging break for a few days....having a bad Tuesday.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Relaxer and Deep Conditioner - $45.00

Hair Products - $12.53

Resulting feeling of fabulosity - priceless

Friday, August 31, 2007 men

Stop looking at my ass.
Can you at least be subtle....stop saying stupid shit. Walking around looking like a leprechaun, what makes you think I want you.

I got a man, nuff said. Back off, no I do not want to be your friend, do I look like a people person.

What you like a challenge? Fvck, the screw face was not enough to keep you away. You can walk on the sidewalk next to me, but if you so much as make wind brush up against me, I will slap that smirk off your face.

No you are not getting my digits!! Why you always in front the damn building just sitting there. Get a job.

Little boy am a grown woman, get your 22 year old, mothers milk on your breath face from in front of me.

Stop making up names to call me! I am not your baby girl, empress, Queen, chocolate beauty or none of that shit!! Hell just do not talk to me. You think that makes it cute! No it does not!

I've just had it with the random disrespect from men on the streets. Fvck I know its a speech is free, but one day am gonna snap and slap one of you fools!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Debt Challenger to give one piece of financial advice.

For those in debt, and are considering a second job here is some advice. Make sure the second job is flexible, and does not get in way of your main job, a.ka. your bigger bread and butter. The income from the second job should be either close to your main job or close to home to keep commuting costs down. The key is: your income from your second job should not be used to increase your lifestyle. It should be used to pay down your debt and increase savings.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I am participating and random crap

The decision has been made. I will participate in the 401K at the part-time gig. I just realized am in the position where both jobs (well at least when I had the two) have a matching 401K or 403B. I did not even expect that from the part-time gig.

I will be there for as long as I can.

While we are on the subject of the part-time gig, here goes:

Yeah people are still writing checks, and am still looking at them like they have three heads.

It is back to school shopping time, I know that. Hell, that little bastard does not need that many clothes. Why you got three pairs of the same shade of jeans for him. Let him alternate what he already has, and you wonder why the card declined.

Make your decision before you get to my register. How many times must I say this? Why do you have $200 worth of clothes if you only have $75. Come on, there are people on line behind you.

Friday, August 24, 2007

401K at the second gig

Apparently I am eligible to participate in the 401K plan at my part-time gig. I am sure some where I was told this a year ago when I started but I did not pay attention. This is how it works. You are automatically enrolled unless you opt out. I was sent a packet in the mail and threw it in the garbage because I figured it was sent by mistake. Then today I got a card in the mail informing me to return the crap that was in the package. Huh??

My question is should I participate in the 401K at the second gig?

Just some additional information:
I resigned from my full-time job a few weeks ago, and am waiting to start a new one. In the mean time I am 'full-time' at the second gig. Which is now technically my only gig.
I will definitely be keeping the part-time, now full-time gig once I start the new job in a few weeks.

Did I mention there is a match, I like free.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Random stuff

1. Am getting to be more and more organized. Once my bills come in, I put the minimum into online bill pay. This way nothing gets paid late. Once those are done being paid then I make an additional payment.

2. Gas is now down to $2.49 per gallon. Am so happy.

3. Velveeta Shells and Cheese at the supermarket is $2.79, at Target it is $1.52 regular price. I am getting better at letting my dollars stretch a bit more.

4. Now that it is summer I would encourage anyone looking to pay down debt, to get a part-time job. It really, really helps. I will be keeping mine for quite a while longer, I actually enjoy it most days.

5. I am glad I do not have children, back to school shopping is no joke.

6. This blog is making me more accountable for my finances each day. I look at prices more closely, look for more bargains and save as much as I can, when I can.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Spending Aug 11 - 18

My stomach = $56.61 ( I just had to crave pizza, bread sticks and hot wings - Dominoes anyone?)

The ride = $30.00

Train fare = $4.00

Shelter = $910.50

Shelter upkeep = $7.46

Credit cards = $411.04

Clothing & Accessories = $10.65 ( I got a pair of shoes and capri pants for this price) Bargainnnnnn!!!

I need to reign in my cravings for certain things. They can be pricey.

I did not keep the best records for the past few days. Things got kinda crazy and I might be forgetting one or two things.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cleaning house and making some cash

Today I decided to clean out my closet and discovered tons of books. I completely forgot how many books I had stored in my closet. I quickly went ahead and posted those books on Hopefully I can get rid of my clutter and make a little cash at the same time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Issues with my 'neighborhood' supermarket

Note to the supermarkets in my 'neighborhood', get it together. I do not always feel like driving to Pathmark or making a detour to Stop & Shop on my way home from work. On those days am forced to venture into your 'little' supermarket, but this does not mean I expect inferior service. So to Metfoods, Bravo and the C-Towns of my hood, here are a few things you can do:

1. Get a few people that speak English to work there. I have no problems with the people that do not speak English, but newsflash there are people in the Bronx who speak English only. We would like to have workers that 'understand' what the heck we are saying when we have a question.

2. Clean please. Just clean. Clean up the fvcking mess. That's it.

3. What is that smell!! It has been three years and your place still smells like shit.

4. Spellcheck your fvcking signs.

5. Note to cashier: yeah it says debit card, but do you see that big Mastercard logo? That means I can use it as a credit card, so shut up!

6. Save the best for last: WTF!! that customer just stepped on the baby mouse and kept it moving like it was nothing. Huh!! Unlike Arnold, ' I WILL NOT BE BACK'.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A cheap breakfast idea

My cheap breakfast for today is cornmeal porridge. Love it!!! not to mention the ingredients can all be had for under $5.00, and makes quite a few servings.

Back to eating my breakfast!

Ms. Behaving thanks for the warning, cuz girllllllll if you made me spit out my cornmeal porridge we woulda had a problem!!!! LMAOOOOOO

Friday, August 10, 2007

August 1 - 10 Spending

My ride = $330 ( includes gas and car payment)

My stomach = $44.79 ( includes groceries and eating out)

That's it. Not much.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Spending diary in progress

I have been diligently writing down everything I buy. Compared to the average person I spend very little on stuff. My spending so far has been on the basics such as food and bills.

Update and numbers to follow in a few days.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Are you kidding me?

As most of you know my part-time gig is in retail. One thing I like about the job is that it I notice things about shoppers that make me go, huh! most times its WTF!

I actually had three customers recently in one day that wrote checks for their purchases. What is with the whole writing check thing at stores? Helllooooo, are you doing it because you think you have a float or something? because guess what Einstein, we are converting that bad boy to an electronic transaction.

Why are people still walking around with their social security cards in the wallet? Seriously, this is 2007 and you cannot go a week without hearing about identity theft. And here you are walking around with your checkbook and social security card. WTF!

If you have a store card that declines this means you are carrying a balance. Huh!! you mean that you did not pay off for those socks and shirts, so you are now gonna pay 23%. WTF

Am no saint I have store cards, but do not carry a balance on them. Frankly, they are not used very often, maybe once every couple of months, if that often at all.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

No more NEW credit card debt

This morning it finally hit me that for the past few months I have not incurred any new credit card debt. My credit card balances are going down, and am using cash or my debit card for new purchases.

Yipppeee!!!!!! Go me!!!!!!

This blog is really helping to keep me sane where my finances are concerned.

Monday, July 30, 2007

This whole stock market thing......

is not for the faint of heart. My 403B dipped a bit, we now under $6,900. I am not logging in again to look at it until am ready to do the roll over.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Check out this NY Times article

This NY Times article talks about the sacrifice potential buyers made to purchase their own apartments. There is hope after all.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cooking at home really is alot cheaper

I just spent $14.78 at the grocery store. With the recipes I have in mind, I will have enough food for a week. Granted that one recipe calls for rice, and I already have that at home. I do not need to order takeout or buy lunch when I get to work next week.

Quote of the Day

'Are you anorexa'?

'You a doctor? And your wife is studying to be a surgery'?

Meet The Browns by Tyler Perry.

Lawwwdddd Am home and catching up on the Tyler Perry plays. *faint*

Real Random

1. Rachel Ray has an annoying a.zz voice.

2. Everybody and they mother have a talk show. Maybe I should get me one.

3. I choose to be home in between jobs, the bills are paid and it is not out of your pocket. Don't worry, it really is none of your business.

4. Ok so your married with child, what does that prove? I don't envy you sweetie.

5. Negro if you call my phone one more damn time, we are gonna have a problem. *wondering if e-fund is enough to bail me out of jail*.

7. My horoscope sign says Gemini. Chances are I have a multiple personality disorder.

8. My car has not moved in two days. No gas, no tolls, no nothing. Yipppeeeeee!!

9. Now that I have this much free time am spending way too much time reading celebrity gossip websites. This is my new hobby. LOL

10. "Yo, what's good?" Huh!! you kidding me right? Is that how you speak to someone on the street you donot know? I don't know what's good, but I do know what's bad. Move your dumb a.zz from my view.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WTF is wrong with the NY tax man

I called the automated number to set up my tax payment. This computer bastard had the nerve to tell me that my $50 a month is not enough. Look azzhole am only working part-time so that is why I propose $50. Here is the kicker, the automated system then tells me the minimum I can pay is $51. A damn dollar, you kidding me right. A freakin dollar.

Mmmmhhhmm... now am on hold for an agent.

Ok so the damn automated system hung up the phone on me. I called back and agreed to pay $55. Agreement accepted. Done!!

The tax bill is here

I owe NY state a little over $1,000. Damn, damn, damn. This is one of the reasons I quit the job across the bridge in stinking NJ. They fvcked up on the amount of tax to take out for NY. Now I have to get on the phone to set up a installment payment agreement cuz I don't have a grand just lying around.

Library day

I am off to the local public library to pick up a few books. Instead of being lazy and driving, I'll walk over there. The best thing is it is all free.
Just need to move the car to the other side of the street so that I do not have to wake up in the morning for that alternate side of the street crap.


The sun is kinda hot, and your girl is allergic to the sun, LOL. Am just going to lay out and chill till this afternoon, then I'll go to the library.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bored and shopping

So Ms. TBB is home during the day, and guess what she did today? I went shopping.......I just want to kick myself. I will probably return the stuff I bought even though it only costs $30. For the rest of the week I am not going outside unless it is to go to work in the evenings. Apparently, being bored and roaming the shopping areas is a bad thing. If I keep this up I will be broker than broke, and that would only bring more stress. Need to start that day job quick fast and in a hurry, LOL.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spending Diary

Starting in the month of August I will 'try' and keep a spending diary. I will write down my daily spending on everything from rent to bagels. At the end of each week I will post those spending on my blog.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Am too lazy....

to update the 'Blogs I like' link on my page so I go to some of my favorite blogs to get to my other favorite blogs. Here is my travel BK diva I get to Organized Noise, Just Me Writing, Ms. Behavin and a few others. Ms. Behavin hooks me to Ghetto Economics and others.

From Single Ma I used to go Brooklyn Diva and Always Funky Fresh till I updated a few months I only have to go Single Ma to Boston Gals Open Wallet, Young and Broke and Money Monk and All Financial Matters among others.

Pure laziness I tell ya! With all the free time I have during the day, I need to get on the ball. I promise to do it tomorrow (remember I did not say which tomorrow). LOL

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Apartment Living

The exterminator guy comes to my building once per month. I have been in my apartment almost 3 years and today was the 2nd time he has been in my apartment. I am normally not home during the day when they arrive.
Now that am home during the day (long story, waiting to start a new job) I am getting a few things accomplished. Don't worry am not completely without income, I am still working around 30 hours per week, just at nights.

Financial update

One of my credit card now has less than a $900 balance. This should be paid off by the end of September. This is a credit card that will remain open and in the under wear drawer (lol).

My student loan payments are still on track especially Sallie Mae. The principal is going down each month. There is a federal student loan that I would like to get rid of before the end of the year. The balance is a little under $2,000.

Since I tend to have financial ADD am trying really hard to make these two my projects so that I can make some real progress. I realize that in the past not focusing and having a plan is one of the reasons am broke. I would save money and immediately use it, because as I saw it I had a job so could save it again. Bad, bad thinking. I am working on changing all that.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Maury Povich

Does he do anything besides 'Your my baby daddy shows'? WTH, Am home today, and watching this show is a damn disgrace. People use condoms.

And the boy Harry that the three girls claim is a baby daddy could not touch me with a 10 feet pole. Talking about he's not the daddy cuz the child is bow legged. WTF. I can't watch this anymore. Am switching channels.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Year To Date column on my paycheck has me a bit depressed again! Arggghhh where did all that money go?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Random thoughts and things about me

This is a personal vent, and hardly finance related.

Lookah here Einstein..... News flash, I am not a people person, or a social butterfly....Step! Need I repeat myself.

WTF is with the fake smile? Why you give me that crazy look when I do not smile back.

Guess what, this is what my face looks like 99.9% of the times. I smile when am eating only.
This blog is the most friendly I get. Trust me on that.

So what we are blood related? I can't choose my family, but I can choose to ignore your azz.

Am broke, stop asking me to do shi.t. Yeah so what am always broke, if it is a problem to you then give me some money. I take Benjamin's only.

Leave my generic looking car alone, I don't need rims, tints or bobble head dolls on the dash ( I hate those damn dolls by the way).

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Monday, July 09, 2007

My advice to aging boomers

I am not an expert in any field, well except maybe sleeping and eating. However, I do have some advice for aging boomers because of the work am involved in. This is advice is for boomers, their parents and their kids.

1. Let someone know where all your paper work is.

2. Get a handle on and consolidate your accounts as much as possible. Your children in their 20's and 30's will have a hard time trying to gather things together when you are older.

3. Appoint a power of attorney when your are still able to understand what is going on. Please make sure this person knows what the heck they are doing.

4. Have enough health insurance. MEDICARE IS NOT ENOUGH.

5. Make sure you educate yourself and your family on the different clause in your insurance policy.

6. Get LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE. It goes a long way.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

403B Roll over update

My 403b will be rolled over into a Vanguard Ira. All the money will be put into a targeted retirement fund. I have many years until retirement. I am going to park the money there for a little while until I am more educated on investing, and have paid down some more debt.

There you have it, decision made.

I welcome all concerns and comments. No questions though because I probably have no answers, LOL.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My 403B is now over $7,000. This is one of the fewer areas is my financial life where I am making real progress. I have increased the amount in my account by over $1,000 since April.

Friday, June 29, 2007

403B roll over into?????

I need help!!!!!!!!! In the upcoming weeks I have to make a decision to roll my 403B over into am guessing an IRA. I have never had to do this. When I left my previous job because the 401K was less than $1,000 I took it and paid bills. NEVER AGAIN. I am a few years wiser and I know better now.

This much I know:
You have to roll it over into an IRA.

I need advice as to what other people have done. What company did you use? Vanguard pops up a lot so far.
The process good or bad? It is going to take a few weeks for me to figure things out because investing and choosing investments is not my thing. I started my 403B to get the company match. Do not ask me what funds or whatever because am near clueless on that. This is about to change!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Real World Bites

For the past two weeks that I was on vacation I only checked my bank account twice. This is a stretch for a person who checks their account daily.

I came home to a check from my insurance company for the accident last September. I guess they finally finished their arbitration stuff. That was the only good thing in my mail box in two weeks worth of crap. The rest was just bills, and junk mail.

Today was my day to rest from my vacation. Went out and got my hair done, as well as a pedicure. Tomorrow it is back to working both jobs.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm Back From Vacation

Am Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

My apologies for not posting an away on vacation message. I got caught up and busy busy.

I will be back to regular posting in another day or two.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Random stuff

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend. Am getting closer to the big 30, shhhh do not tell anyone. This means I really need to work my ass off, to get my financial house together.

Gas prices are really starting to get on my last nerve. Thank goodness am going on vacation, no need to fill up the tank.

If your 30 something and still living at home, don't talk shit to me about life. WTH do you know?you have yet to leave the fold. Spread your wings and fly. Don't try talking to me dude, do you first. Why you wanna bring your lazy ass to the table with supermarket special ground beef, when am used to eating steak. (ok this rant has nothing to do with personal finance, just had to get it off my chest).

My cable was downgraded a few months ago. I still have not missed not having the BETS, VH1s and lifetime etc. LOL, I watch very little tv anyway.

My car is dirty as hell. I promise to clean it before the summer is over.

Am sick and tired of people giving me puzzled looks when I tell them their card declined.
In preparation for my upcoming vacation am making sure everything is in order financially. Online bill pay is working overtime. All the bills are paid in advance. I do not want to run the risk of missing a due date. I also do not want to set up any bill pay for while am gone. I will not be checking my bank account while on vacation (well, I'll try not to). The only activity that am expecting while away is direct deposit of my pay check from both jobs.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I went shopping for work pants today and got a pair at Express for $5. This was the best $5 I've spent in a long time. The original sale price was $19.50 plus tax. I have a $15 off coupon which brought the price down to $5.
Normally I do not like shopping especially for pants. However, I tried on a pair that I thought was my size and it fits perfectly. There is no big gap in the waist and the crotch does not look funny. Oh and best of all I DO NOT NEED A BELT. yeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

So to Mr or Mrs Express CEO,
I TBB pledge to buy all my work pants from your store, starting today and forever and ever. (That's until some smart ass designer messes with the cut of the pants).

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I received the pay off letter for one of my student loans (no it is not Ms. Sallie). I consolidated all my federal loans, both subsidized and unsubsidized. The pay off letter is for the unsubsidized portion of my loans.


Friday, May 18, 2007 today has an article on in-store check conversions. I understand all the concerns in the article, but the question I ask is: Why are people still writing checks for their purchases at the store. I see customers do it all the time at our store. However, we do not store the checks, the customer gets the paper check back.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My 5 Obsessions

I've been tagged by Single Ma, so now I have to blog about my 5 obsessions. First, let me start by saying I do not have any obsessions. There are a few things that I may think about and do constantly, but I would not call them obsessions. So here they are, in no particular order.

1). My checking account: I look at it every day, maybe a few times per day. When you are as broke as I am there is no room for error in your checking account. I balance my checkbook to the penny. Yes I do keep a check register. It is in my purse. I can tell you where every dime of my direct deposit went.

2.) Online Banking: See above.

3.) Gas Mileage: This is a new one. I am forever watching my gas gauge to make sure it does not move too fast.

4.) Rude kids: Laaawwwwdddd I have this undying urge to smack people's rude kids. Can I just say I have no kids, so please don't think am evil. It is just that, some of these damn kids that come into the store at my part-time gig drive me crazy. Screaming at the top of their little lungs because they cannot get a damn ball.

5.) Flossing: I floss my teeth more than I probably more than once per day. I guess part of it is because I do not like to go to the Dentist, so I over compensate.

Friday, May 11, 2007

My driving habits have changed

The price of gas in Jersey is now $2.83 per gallon on average. It now costs me more than 30 dollars to fill up from 1/4 tank, in the past the cost was $20. In an effort to save money I now drive at the speed limit. On my route home from the part time gig the speed limit is either 50 or 55 mph depending on which route I take. I drive in the middle lane at or below the speed limit. This means I burn less gas, and the chances of me getting a speeding ticket are slim to none.

Since starting my new driving habits I noticed a marked change in the amount of gas my car uses. The other night I drove down 87 on my way home, then took the GWB into Jersey all on E. I no longer fill my tank since it costs more than 30 bucks. I spend $25, and stretch this gas out till after next pay day.

Note to other driver: When you see me in middle lane cruising please do not flash your lights. Go around. I am not speeding up.

Monday, May 07, 2007

My Clothes Rant

I just dropped $99.99 on a business suit that was originally priced at $360.00. I love a good sale. Am now the proud owner of two business suits that 'fit'.

Let me get this off my chest. I hate shopping for clothes, especially pants. Why? Well, am bottom heavy, literally. WTF can't I find separates that fit someone who is bottom heavy but only stands at 5 feet and some change. I do not want my jacket to hang all the way down and hide my hands. Not because I wear a petite size that does not mean am a size 6 or even a damn 8. Why can't clothing designers get it together? Should I start mailing mini cocoa cola bottles to them so they can see what I look like.

WTF do the stores no longer carry proper separates. I do not want a suit that comes together. I want them SEPARATE, so I can get a size 10 or 12 jacket and a size 14 pants. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Macys has the nerve to have the big ass sign talking about 'oh the size has to be the same on top and bottom you cannot mix and match'.

Ok, I admit I used to go into some stores and switch them up when no one was looking. I would put the sizes together the way I want them. Then I would get to the register and chat up the cashier and hope she did not notice a size 10 jacket with a 14 pant. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH. Guess some smart aleck started paying attention, so now they have the big numbers attached to each piece. Well maybe they should make separates that looked as fly as the suits and I would not be forced to screw up your inventory. It's not like I was stealing it, I just wanted to get a suit without having to spend an arm and a leg at the tailor.

Shopping for pants is such a headache, this would explain why I own 10 tops for every pant in my wardrobe.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Make it automatic

The one piece of financial advice that I can personally say is 100% true is automatic savings. Since September 06, I have managed to grow an e-fund to over $1,300.00, use it down and build it back up to the current amount of $527.00. I saved this amount without much effort on my part. ING makes it real easy. The direct deposit form can be printed from the website with all the information.

My advice to anyone struggling to start saving would be to set up direct deposit. Make savings automatic, you will see how quickly it grows.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am not a people person.........

for this reason, the part-time gig is wearing on me. I do not like people in my face asking dumb questions, I do not like people in my face period. I do not like screaming children. I do not like messy customers.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Random Observations of Consumer Behavior

The part-time gig has given me insight into 'consumer behavior'.

Disclaimer: The following are my random observations of consumers at the part-time gig, and the mall as a whole. These are my personal opinions, am no professional.

1. In this day of identity theft, I find it mind boggling that there are people who still carry around way too much information in their wallets. This week a lady proceeded to write a check, when I asked for ID and she pulled out her license, out falls her SS card. She is the perfect 'victim' for identity theft.

2. Children, a.k.a crumb snatchers, a.k.a expensive loud things, have a lot of influence over what their parents buy.

3. Women tend to be more impulsive than men. Most men who come into the store come for a specific item or items, and they are done. Women browse and buy lots of unwanted stuff. How do I know they are unwanted? Well because they return them a few days or in some cases a few hours later.

4. There are people walking around with multiple credit cards that decline. Why? Am not sure. The first one declines they just keep pulling them out until one approves the purchase.

5. Shopping is a sport for some women......they actually do it in groups. wow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How not to buy a car!! This guy is stupid!!

This guy decides to trade in 'his' vehicle towards the 'purchase' of another one. Talk about being stupid.

Kids please don't try this at home.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Great weather means $$$$$$

There is something about great weather that makes some people spend money. There are more parties to attend, and even more excuses to go out.

A friend just invited me to her little sister's birthday party. I only met the little sister twice, she is five, I do not particularly like little kids unless they happen to be one of my nieces and nephews or a little cousin. Should I attend this party? I will probably attend, but then it means a gift. aaarrrgggghhh

There is a birthday party for a one year old. This is easy since gifts for little toddlers can be had for cheap.

Why do people invite their single friends to their kids birthday party. I hope I do not get sick since most kids are little germ magnets. I hope no one spills a drink on me. I hope I do not get knocked over by a 5 year old running at 20 miles per hour...LOL.

Why do I think this post makes me sounds like an evil childless kid hater.....LOL.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

E-fund update and the sin I committed

Look to the side bar and notice the e-fund is at $327.00. I used the excess money to pay down a cc. I know it goes against conventional wisdom (forgive me for I have sinned) but here is my argument. The e-fund had gone past my original goal of $1,000. The cc that I paid down now has a balance of less that $1,000.

The e-fund will get a deposit of $100 tomorrow and one next Wednesday. I will update it then to show the balance of $527.

* The e-fund does not include my CD of $400.* The CD is not included in my calculation of the e-fund because the money is tied up and is not readily accessible.

My 403b.....

stands at a whopping $5,900.00.

I am so proud of this amount am grinning from ear to ear. This is quite an accomplishment at 26, granted a lot of young people my age do not contribute to one. I will do a happy dance when I get to $10,000 which am hoping will be done by the end of 2007.

Turbo Tax troubles

OK OK OK.... I know I should not have waited till the last minute but WTF? I log in today to check the status of my returns that I e-filed yesterday and these bastards tell me that I did not e-file. Huh???? It is the 18th..... I had until midnight the 17th and I transmitted before 5pm, WTF you mean I did not e-file? Come again?

Somebody is gonna have to answer a lot of questions if I get in anymore trouble with the tax 'authorities'. It is bad enough that I owe and had the nerve to send the return in without the money? LOL now this. I do not need anymore problems Turbo Tax. I got enough problems of my own as it is.

The damage is done.......

I owe uncle Sam 600+ and his bastard state child 1,000+. Why punish me because I have no crumb snatchers and cannot afford to buy property. Somethings got to give. I need to get it together so I can buy a shack with a shingle before the year is over, cuz having a crumb snatcher is not an option.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I am working on my taxes tonight. I will update on the 'damage' when am done.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Am less stressed

The part-time gig and the regular job allows me to have a weekly paycheck (well more like every 6 days). This has lowered my stress level. I am managing my money better, and my credit cards now have two payments per billing cycle. Yippppppeeeeeee

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blogger Problem????

For the past few weeks I have not been able to read quite a few blogs that I used to read. Blogger gives me a message that the blog is to invited readers only, not sure if this is a blogger problem or a new feature?

If this is a new feature then how does one get 'invited'?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Random, random, random.....

1. When you come shopping with $50 do not pick up $100 worth of clothes and come to the cash register. I do not have time to wait while you decide which top you really want, and please do not ask me if I think it is cute. Damn woman you are 40 something of a different persuasion what makes you think we like the same things. Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh.

2. What is taking these people so long to send me my damn pay off letter. I want it and I want it now, and now.

3. Money really can't buy class.

4. Screaming kids give me a headache. Pay some attention to the damn rug rat in the stroller. He has been screaming at the top of his lungs for 5 minutes woman. I came here to work not to listen to your damn child scream and scream. You have the nerve to be on the phone totally oblivious to the screaming. WTH!!!!!!!

5. Why are you at the mall at 10 am waiting for the doors to open?

6. I asked for an oil change. Why the hell you asking me if I want some other damn package? Oil change you arseeee, and only and oil change. Do one additional thing to my car and we will have a problem.

7. Are you retarded? An almost two year old car only has 300.8 miles. You fuggin arse, it says trip B. Duhhhhhhh! Damn and you said the numbers wrong, doesn't the decimal point mean anything to you. Damn and am paying you to work on my car. There is something wrong with this picture.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

I went shopping today and it felt gooooooood. The cash was set aside before so I did not use credit cards.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just some random stuff

1. The hours at the part-time job has increased, so the posting will be spotty at best.

2. My car needs maintenance so I need to assess the cash flow.

3. A pay-off letter should be in the mail from my student loan company. Even though I consolidated I have small unsubsidized loans that I allocate money to. One of those loans was paid off a few days ago, I am waiting on the pay off letter.

4. My renter's insurance bill came in the mail right after my car insurance. I need to assess what my cash flow will look like in the next few days.

5. Anyone else notice how the price of gas has been creeping up slowly? I noticed.

6. I am still waiting on my passport. They need to hurry up. I won't start getting nervous until the end of April.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Every little bit helps

My insurance bill came in the mail and surprisingly it went down. I am surprised because with the accident even though it was not my fault I thought the insurance company would find a reason to hike the rates. I am still in a high bracket until December of this year when the novice driver surcharge comes off my bill.

The rate went down by around $200 for a six months period. Savings! savings! savings!

The part-time gig means that I am not home a lot to watch tv. On the days that I am home there is nothing showing on tv, so I called the cable company and asked to be downgraded to basic cable. The representative, downgraded me to basic and also gave me the introductory offer on my broadband internet access for six months. This reduced my bill by approximately $30 per month. Savings! savings! savings!

I have decided to lower funding to the ING account for a few pay periods so that I can cover my insurance bill and upcoming trip. I am not using credit cards for any portion of my trip.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Forgive me for I have sinned.......

I TBB do not have a budget. I tried, and tried and tried I just can't seem to keep a budget like most people. So what do I do you ask? I get a paycheck weekly and pay myself first through direct deposit of a small amount into my ING direct account. The balance of my paycheck goes into my checking account and I pay bills from here. I pay the rent, student loans, car, insurance, credit cards, cell phone and other utilities and other things such as groceries, gas etc. Normally, once I am done doing these things each week the paycheck is done and there is another one coming in. So there you have it TBB has no formal budget per se.

If there is something I want such as an article of clothing or a book, I will wait until next pay day in order to get it. Because I am in debt, I do not shop for clothing or shoes very often.

I have a few things coming up such as my trip overseas. This will all be funded from the weekly checks. It just means I have to re-arrange my bill payments.

Do I plan on changing this? NOOOOOO If it is not broke am not fixing it. This method allows me to pay all my bills on time, my credit card balances are going down, and my savings is slowly on the rise.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random Rant.....

1. Family, family, family.................arggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

2. So what if I am the first to graduate college, does that mean I owe you something? Until you write that check to Sallie, do not stress me.

3. Mind your own damn business. Why do you need to know how much cost, you are not paying.

4. Friends come and go.

5. Yeah so what my car looks generic, I do not need rims, tints, or retarded decorations.

6. How much I have in the bank is only for me and the people in blog land to know.

7. I no longer call you, shouldn't that be a hint in and of itself. Dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. Why does health insurance cost so damn much when I only see the doctor twice per year?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Personally I have been going through it. My emotions are all over the place, this does nothing but wreck havoc on my finances. I hope things will settle down soon in my head. I have not been able to blog a few times per week as I would like. There is not much going on in the finance department. The emergency fund is still in tact. I am still working at the part-time gig, and paying down my debt.

One bit of good news..... a small unsubsidized student loan now has a zero balance. There is another unsubsidized student loan that has a balance of $987. I hope to pay this off before I go on vacation in June. The interest is lower compared to my credit cards, but at this point I need the pay off letter for the emotional boost.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Store Credit Cards

Store cards for me are a discount tool. They get a bad rap because the APR tends to hover around 22%. Honestly, I think the APRs on my store credit cards are around the average but I have no clue what the exact number is, why? I use my store credit cards as discount tools.

JC Penny - extra 15% when I shop certain days. I am going into the store to buy a specific item which I already have the cash to pay for. However, since it is 15% cheaper to use the JC Penny card I will make the purchase using the card, then pay the card off before the bill arrives in the mail.

PC Richards - This card I got back in college since I wanted a TV but had no money to pay for it. They normally offer no interest for 12 months. Why not? I always end up paying for any item bought within two to three months. I do not use this card often since I am not buying that much in terms of electronic gadgets.

Old Navy - This card I have had for a few years. Each time you spend $200 you get ten bucks back to use off your next purchase. It normally takes a while for me to accumulate $200 in purchases since I do not buy a lot of clothes. When I do shop for clothes they have to be on clearance 50% off or more. The ten bucks back I normally use to purchase something that is ten dollars only. Again I pay no interest on this card.

Victoria Secrets - I use this card probably a few times a year. Mostly I only make it to purchase stuff during the semi-annual sales. I load up on a few items during the sale then the card gathers dust for a few months. There are times when I do not catch the sales, therefore the card is unused for almost a year.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The savings account at ING now stands at $1256.50 this does not include the original $400 that was stashed away in a CD.

My upcoming flight home was booked and cost me a little over $400 so that did not hurt as much as I thought it would.

I am back to my 20+ hours at the part-time gig so the weekly paycheck should go back to looking pretty healthy for March and onwards. This will be needed with the upcoming trip and my $1000 credit card pay off per month.

I am trying to stay focused on my goals. My main priority right now is paying off the credit cards and staying on top of Sallie Mae weekly payments since it is a private student loan. The mini-efund is well above my original goal of $1,000 so I can leave that on auto-pilot and not worry about it for a while.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


I will be seeing only $$$$$ signs for the next few months. There is a family event that I have to attend.

One international round trip flight $$$$$
Gifts for family members $$$$$$$$$$
Stuff for me$$$$$$$$$$
Spending money when I get there $$$$$$$$
Seeing family after all these years priceless *maybe*

Friday, February 23, 2007


The tax thing is bothering me so I went back and loked at it again. I have no clue WTF I did but now I owe everybody and they damn mother. Fvck is going on. I owe uncle sam, greedy azz NY and stinky azz NJ. The taxes are definitely not getting done till April something.

I wonder if I should pay someone to look at it, but then again I cannot pay the money I owe how am I gonna pay a tax person. Am fvcked.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The last five payments to Sallie Mae are:
12/14/06 – 30
12/28/06 – 40
01/16/07 – 100
01/31/07 – 40
02/08/07 – 40

My weekly payment schedule is a bit off as I concentrate on paying down the credit card debt to the tune of $1,000 per month.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Credit Card Pay Off Part II

It will take approximately $1,000 per month in order for me to be credit card debt free by December 31, 2007. I feel a lot better now knowing exactly where I stand, and what needs to be done. The month of February is slow at the part-time gig because I am taking some time off for personal reasons. Once March 1, gets here I know the income from the part-time gig will be enough to get to my goal.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Tax Man Bites

My w-2s, 1099's and everything under the sun have been plugged into Turbo Tax. I love this software because it is very user friendly. However, I absolutely do not like the running tally in the side bar of what your refund or non-refund is. WTH!! My number is red. When it comes to money we all know red is not a good color.

I will wait a few weeks before re-visiting my taxes again. I refuse to believe it is red, and the amount is not a small number. After my little tax hiatus I will go over the numbers with a fine tooth comb.

Wish me luck, because Uncle Sam and his bastard state child are about to jack me up if I let them.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Credit card pay off

The total payments on one credit card with the highest balance for January was $700. Wow!! This more motivation for me to become debt free. This $700 is money that I could put to work for me in retirement, down payment on a home or saving for a fully funded emergency fund. This aggressive payment schedule is definitely an eye opener. Debt has the potential to really cripple a person and rob them of their future.

My new motto: Do whatever needs to be done to become debt free.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

HSBC is now at 6%

HSBC has increased the interest rate on their online account to 6% for new deposits until April 30, 2007.

I want a bean bag chair

I have always wanted a bean bag chair, and I have decided to buy one. If anyone has any recommendations they would be appreciated. My budget is $100. This is a Christmas gift to myself as well as a reward for all the hours I have been working, and all the dedication I have put in.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Freedom! Freedom!

This is what it feels like to have money from paycheck to paycheck, and not feel stressed. I just finished paying bills online and writing checks. Next Wednesday I will have another paycheck again. The part-time gig is really paying off. The credit card balances are starting to go down.

I strongly recommend anyone who is serious about getting rid of debt to try and increase their income if possible.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tax time

The W-2s have started to come in so it is time to do my taxes. I will be using the Turbo Tax software because the online version is free through my insurance company. So far Uncle Sam and I are at break even. However, there are some additional information that am waiting on.

My state taxes will be completed right before the deadline since NY state and I seem to have some issues. I fear a repeat of last year.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Savings update

As of this coming Thursday I will have a total of $1,006.18 in my ING savings account. This amount does not include the CD with $400.00. I decided to have the baby e-fund outside of the CD. If anything were to happen I would have access to my e-fund without any penalty on the interest earned on the CD.

Saving is now addictive. I can't wait each week to see my account grow.
Going on vacation does not mean my money issues will go to rest. Quite the opposite.

Here are some money things that happened, along with other random shit:

1. Last year with the accident and everything I forgot one critical thing for my car; the state inspection. So am driving and got pulled over (random my ass, no way you could have seen my sticker from that far away). Now I have to wait to get the fine back from the court in some white azz town in upstate NY to see what my fine is.

My interaction with the good ole boys of NY State Police Patrol reconfirms why I hate police officers. You hear people complain about it on the news, but until it happens to you it is not completely real.
FYI....Officer Till there is no reason for your teeth and your face to be the same color. Yellow teeth bastard. Let me clue you into something, if you are pulling over every black driver for every 10 or so drivers, it is not random. Let me stop here before I keep going, since am still pissed. Am stil wondering if you arrested and beat the crap out of the other black driver you pulled over half mile ahead of me

2. The price of gas went down by atleast 5 cents.

3. I received my first paycheck from the part-time gig with the raise. It's lookin good.

4. After my various issues with Bank of America, I now have my lone active checking account with Wachovia Bank.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Am back

I am back from vacation, now I need a vacation from my vacation. This was the most rest I had in a long time. I'll update later on my finances including an error on my part that might cost me a few hundred.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm on vacation

I will be away visiting family until next Saturday, with no access to a computer.

Have a safe holiday weekend all!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brush your shoulders off

I have to send much love out to my haters. You guys motivate me even more.

Look heffer it is not my fault I have only been at the part-time gig a few months and have a different position (with a nice raise to boot! ha). Talk to management.

Not my fault this is your job, while it is my supplemental income. Sorry chica, it is not that serious, trust me. You put yourself in this position where you have to take the I don't.

Step your game up, put your game face on, bring your A game, ya da ya da ya da. Until then, am just gonna brush ma shoulders off.
There were four credit cards that I had to pay off. This week I transferred the balance from one of the cards at 2.99%. This will save on interest and reduces the number of cards I have to pay each month to three. My birthday is less than six months away. It is my goal to pay off one of the cards, leaving only two. Going forward paying bills each week will get a lot simpler.

A Sallie Mae update is long past due. One will be coming soon.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Random Rant

Here goes:

1. Yeah I walk around with a permanent screw face! and so what? I am not on candid camera.

2. Cell phone in one hand, drink in the other. Are you working? Yeah fool cuz you see everyone else eating, talking on a cell and working at the same time. Duhhh!!!

3. Let me see, name tag, check! little walkie thingy, check! Ms. Do you work here? No am just hanging out out. I smile and point to the name tag, you think am rude. WTH??

5. Why didn't you answer your phone? Cuz I pay the high @ss bill and I do not have to answer if I do not want to.

6. You either like me or you don't. If after 20 odd years you do not realize am not warm and fuzzy, you are clueless.

7. How much I make or spend is none of your damn business unless of course you read my blog.

Friday, January 05, 2007


My 403B now has almost $4,500.00. Yeahhhhhhh

I read an article recently that mentioned a high percentage of my age group do not participate in an employer sponsored plan. Why??? I ask why???? This is one of the easiest things I have done. I just like to log in and look at the balance. Makes me smile. I am contributing the minimum so I can get the employer match. Once my all credit card debt is gone I will increase my contribution to 15%.

Come on slackers make this your new year's resolution. Sign up for your company's 401K, 403B, ABC, 123 whatever it is. Like Nike says, Just do it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting on the debt payoff track

Now that most of my regular bills (cable, phone, electric, etc) are current I can now focus and get on the road to aggressive debt pay off.

One strategy that I have in mind is to pay all the bills using the main paycheck. The pay check from the part-time gig will go towards one credit card until that card is paid off. I am not using the highest interest strategy at first, but the smallest balance. The reason for this is psychological. Once the credit card with the smallest balance is paid off (and I get an emotional boost) I will then focus on the card with the highest balance and or interest (which ever is more costly).

Monday, January 01, 2007

The part-time gig:
As many of you may have guessed the part-time gig is retail. This is my first time in retail and it is not as bad as I anticipated.

Extra cash
Gets me out the house
Weight Loss (I have lost 10 pounds without much effort)

Less time to do other things (sleep, surf the net, sleep, sleep)
More time on the road

Overall, the advantages of the part-time gig out weighs the disadvantages. For this reason, I will continue as long as I can. Oh, the icing on the cake is a 10% raise that goes into effect today, because of a new position.