Friday, May 11, 2007

My driving habits have changed

The price of gas in Jersey is now $2.83 per gallon on average. It now costs me more than 30 dollars to fill up from 1/4 tank, in the past the cost was $20. In an effort to save money I now drive at the speed limit. On my route home from the part time gig the speed limit is either 50 or 55 mph depending on which route I take. I drive in the middle lane at or below the speed limit. This means I burn less gas, and the chances of me getting a speeding ticket are slim to none.

Since starting my new driving habits I noticed a marked change in the amount of gas my car uses. The other night I drove down 87 on my way home, then took the GWB into Jersey all on E. I no longer fill my tank since it costs more than 30 bucks. I spend $25, and stretch this gas out till after next pay day.

Note to other driver: When you see me in middle lane cruising please do not flash your lights. Go around. I am not speeding up.


Military Money said...

I live two hours of San Fransisco and gas is $3.24...ouch. I make my wife and suffer without the air conditioning. It's a heat wave out here too.

I'm in the Air Force and I've created a blog to help military members with their finances and I was wondering if we could exchange links. Thanks.

Brandon J
Money for Military

Anonymous said...

I am feeling the gas sting here too. It is 3.19 a gallon. I actually got excited Saturday cause I saw it for 2.97 so sad. (I buy midgrade by the way. I may have to switch it up for the summer. I don't care how much of a "high performance" car my car is). I definetly feel you on that. Did you know I only use a quarter tank of gas going to and from work during the week. I burn the majority on the weekend because no one is close in Atlanta. You have to travel at least twenty miles to see your friends.

As far as riding in the middle lane be careful we just had someone get stabbed to death over road rage. Don't make people mad let them have that lane and spare your life. I had a gun pulled on me on the expressway one day. That's why I get over and chuck the deuces (throw up a peace sign). If they want to speed then they are more than welcomed to have the ticket. I will just laugh at them when I pass them on the side of the road.


Bklyn Diva said...

lmao no choice!!! down here u got to drive!!!

lmao @ speed limit doe.. hahahaa

Tired of being broke said...

Military money once my gas gets to be to that point I will definitely have to look at how am doing things, to try and save even more.

D.C am not slowing anyone down, or causing traffic jams. I am simply driving at the posted speed limit. Not only am I saving money it lessens the chances of me getting a speeding ticket. Am too broke to get traffic violations right now.

Bk Diva I saw a huge difference at my gas usage doing the speed limit.

SavingDiva said...

Congrats on trying to save gasoline! The increasing gas prices have forced me to stop driving to work and start taking the bus or riding my bike. Luckily, I only live 3 miles from my office.

Two things that have made a huge difference in the gas mileage of my car
--Tire air pressure, I check it every time I put gas in my car
--K&N air filter, it was about 3x the price of a regular air filter, but it's reusuable so it saves money in the long run...however, it's increased the gas mileage on my car a lot!

Cheryl said...

YES!! That's ME in the middle lane doing the speed limit, too!! With the cars behind me getting irate because I will not speed up and break the law for them! Too bad, go AROUND me....I am not bothering anyone, just driving the SPEED LIMIT to work, trying to save a few drops of want to break the law and get a ticket, be my guest! I'll wave when I pass you on the side of the road with Deputy Fife!