Friday, August 31, 2007 men

Stop looking at my ass.
Can you at least be subtle....stop saying stupid shit. Walking around looking like a leprechaun, what makes you think I want you.

I got a man, nuff said. Back off, no I do not want to be your friend, do I look like a people person.

What you like a challenge? Fvck, the screw face was not enough to keep you away. You can walk on the sidewalk next to me, but if you so much as make wind brush up against me, I will slap that smirk off your face.

No you are not getting my digits!! Why you always in front the damn building just sitting there. Get a job.

Little boy am a grown woman, get your 22 year old, mothers milk on your breath face from in front of me.

Stop making up names to call me! I am not your baby girl, empress, Queen, chocolate beauty or none of that shit!! Hell just do not talk to me. You think that makes it cute! No it does not!

I've just had it with the random disrespect from men on the streets. Fvck I know its a speech is free, but one day am gonna snap and slap one of you fools!!


Sistah Ant said...

what's worse? "smile, girl." why are you telling me to smile? for you? nice try. do you see me telling you, "stop loitering and go find something to do, boy"? okay then.

i feel your pain, tired.

Tired of being broke said...

Oh,I get the smile one alot...damn rediculous.

Trenting said...

This was good, there's these "little boys" that work in the Morton's restaurant in my building, they come up, and take turns going around the revolving door (in circles sayin' crazy shyt to me [first time around] "hey girl" [second time] "come down to the restaurant, I'll feed you" [third time around] me saying "BOY.. I'M OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR MOMMA, NOW GO ON!" *shakin' my finger at them like I'm 65.. lol

BeautyinBaltimore said...

I hate strret harrasment and why have little boys become so bold lately.

Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY FEEL YOU ON THIS ONE. Just today a man (who had no excuse, because he was NOT young) tell me that he doesn't bite. BITE?? YOU THINK I'M SCARED OF YOU?? I'm not scared;I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU. I don't know what is it these men don't understand. I am soooo TIRED of being disrespected by black men.