Friday, August 17, 2007

Cleaning house and making some cash

Today I decided to clean out my closet and discovered tons of books. I completely forgot how many books I had stored in my closet. I quickly went ahead and posted those books on Hopefully I can get rid of my clutter and make a little cash at the same time.


D.C. 2 said...

I usually use Amazon. Is Half payin out better than Amazon?

Ms. Behaving said...

I feel you on that. Besides, there's no sense in them sitting around collecting dust when you can make a dollar off of em' right??

I'm an ebay addict myself. When I get started with that....ain't no stopping me!! :-)

Trenting said...

Hey good thought on sellin' the books, hope you make a profit on them- speaking of, I could probably make a buttload off of 3/4 of my house, there's no way we need this much stuff!!!