Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Issues with my 'neighborhood' supermarket

Note to the supermarkets in my 'neighborhood', get it together. I do not always feel like driving to Pathmark or making a detour to Stop & Shop on my way home from work. On those days am forced to venture into your 'little' supermarket, but this does not mean I expect inferior service. So to Metfoods, Bravo and the C-Towns of my hood, here are a few things you can do:

1. Get a few people that speak English to work there. I have no problems with the people that do not speak English, but newsflash there are people in the Bronx who speak English only. We would like to have workers that 'understand' what the heck we are saying when we have a question.

2. Clean please. Just clean. Clean up the fvcking mess. That's it.

3. What is that smell!! It has been three years and your place still smells like shit.

4. Spellcheck your fvcking signs.

5. Note to cashier: yeah it says debit card, but do you see that big Mastercard logo? That means I can use it as a credit card, so shut up!

6. Save the best for last: WTF!! that customer just stepped on the baby mouse and kept it moving like it was nothing. Huh!! Unlike Arnold, ' I WILL NOT BE BACK'.


Sistah Ant said...

just. wow.

Organized Noise said...

Can you send this post to the Key Food and C-Town in Queens Village? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Re: cleaning
if you want an dirt smell, take the 4 to 167. no matter what time of day, there's a fish place the smells like straight kaka. its like they wipe the storefront with dirty pampers. and this is a fish place, so there is the dead fish. but you can't smell them because of the empty pampers. everytime I smell it, I want to vomit to cover up the kaka smell.
I'd rather deal with bazaar and associated than that mess.

Single Ma said...

WTF @ #6


Opinionated Diva said...

This is exactly why I don't miss the Bronx. It does seem like most of the supermarkets are staffed by people who only speak Spanish. Used to piss me off too!

Any place that smells is not a place I want to shop for food at!

I can not believe number six. Just disgusting!

Ms. Behaving said...

Assuming you're talking about New York (cuz hell if the names of those supermarket chains are not all too damn familiar -- and I live within the five boroughs of), girl everything associated with them SUCKS to high hell.

[I swear if I wasn't so greedy I'd boycott each and every one of em'.]

The little nasties!!!!

Trenting said...

Yeah lady you sound like me..
I had the same experience at KFC yesterday, I could not believe, maybe I'll write about that..

The Diva's Thoughts said...


Bklyn's Finest said...

whew.. I do NOT miss being uptop for this!!!!