Friday, April 27, 2007

Random Observations of Consumer Behavior

The part-time gig has given me insight into 'consumer behavior'.

Disclaimer: The following are my random observations of consumers at the part-time gig, and the mall as a whole. These are my personal opinions, am no professional.

1. In this day of identity theft, I find it mind boggling that there are people who still carry around way too much information in their wallets. This week a lady proceeded to write a check, when I asked for ID and she pulled out her license, out falls her SS card. She is the perfect 'victim' for identity theft.

2. Children, a.k.a crumb snatchers, a.k.a expensive loud things, have a lot of influence over what their parents buy.

3. Women tend to be more impulsive than men. Most men who come into the store come for a specific item or items, and they are done. Women browse and buy lots of unwanted stuff. How do I know they are unwanted? Well because they return them a few days or in some cases a few hours later.

4. There are people walking around with multiple credit cards that decline. Why? Am not sure. The first one declines they just keep pulling them out until one approves the purchase.

5. Shopping is a sport for some women......they actually do it in groups. wow.


Ms. MiniDucky said...

5: Women who shop in groups are in danger of over-spending. While it's great that you have a lot of input so you don't get the "what-the-H-was-I-thinking??!?" buys, you do risk spending WAY more than you intended to.

Anonymous said...

I used to work (part-time) for a well-known lingerie store (that I referred to as the panty plantation) It amazed me how I saw the same women over and was like a friggin hobby.

moneymonk said...

I have to agree with #5 Shopping is a sport/hobby for some women. LOL