Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just some random stuff

1. The hours at the part-time job has increased, so the posting will be spotty at best.

2. My car needs maintenance so I need to assess the cash flow.

3. A pay-off letter should be in the mail from my student loan company. Even though I consolidated I have small unsubsidized loans that I allocate money to. One of those loans was paid off a few days ago, I am waiting on the pay off letter.

4. My renter's insurance bill came in the mail right after my car insurance. I need to assess what my cash flow will look like in the next few days.

5. Anyone else notice how the price of gas has been creeping up slowly? I noticed.

6. I am still waiting on my passport. They need to hurry up. I won't start getting nervous until the end of April.


D.C. said...


Don't stress about the passport it will come in due time.

I have noticed that the price of gas is creeping on up on us. I just hope they find a way to start incorporating alternative fuels soon or the economy will be up for a rude awakening. Remember last time the government raised gas prices, people stopped shopping to make up the difference. I guess we are like the analogy of lobsters in a pot if you turn up the heat slowly we won't know we're cooked until we're already done. Then we won't care.

Ms. MiniDucky said...

Ugh, the gas prices are inching up pretty quickly here: 15 cents in a week?! Ridiculous.

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Did you not hear the excessive amount of cursing all the way up there this morning that I shouted after I filled up my tank?!?!?!?! Un-buh-leave-able.