Monday, March 26, 2007

Every little bit helps

My insurance bill came in the mail and surprisingly it went down. I am surprised because with the accident even though it was not my fault I thought the insurance company would find a reason to hike the rates. I am still in a high bracket until December of this year when the novice driver surcharge comes off my bill.

The rate went down by around $200 for a six months period. Savings! savings! savings!

The part-time gig means that I am not home a lot to watch tv. On the days that I am home there is nothing showing on tv, so I called the cable company and asked to be downgraded to basic cable. The representative, downgraded me to basic and also gave me the introductory offer on my broadband internet access for six months. This reduced my bill by approximately $30 per month. Savings! savings! savings!

I have decided to lower funding to the ING account for a few pay periods so that I can cover my insurance bill and upcoming trip. I am not using credit cards for any portion of my trip.


Anonymous said...

Hello Tired,

You have been nominated for a "Thinking Award" over on The Cedar Chest if you care to open it and find it. I really love your blog, you are doing so wonderfully and I am just so inspired!



1MansMoney said...

My wife just cancelled our old Time Warner cable/internet plan and restarted our service to take advantage of a 2-year promotion they are running for digital cable. She was able to save us $22/month AND get us more channels.

Bklyn Diva said...


Money saved is definitely a good thing..

After Verizon comes out and check my 2nd line I may just cancel it all together.. since I've moved it has been giving me NOTHING BUT ISSUES... so I'm basically paying for a line I DON'T GET TO USE!!!

Ms. MiniDucky said...

These little reductions in your monthly bills is such a great thing! It definitely helps, especially if you've got a trip coming up.