Sunday, March 25, 2007

Forgive me for I have sinned.......

I TBB do not have a budget. I tried, and tried and tried I just can't seem to keep a budget like most people. So what do I do you ask? I get a paycheck weekly and pay myself first through direct deposit of a small amount into my ING direct account. The balance of my paycheck goes into my checking account and I pay bills from here. I pay the rent, student loans, car, insurance, credit cards, cell phone and other utilities and other things such as groceries, gas etc. Normally, once I am done doing these things each week the paycheck is done and there is another one coming in. So there you have it TBB has no formal budget per se.

If there is something I want such as an article of clothing or a book, I will wait until next pay day in order to get it. Because I am in debt, I do not shop for clothing or shoes very often.

I have a few things coming up such as my trip overseas. This will all be funded from the weekly checks. It just means I have to re-arrange my bill payments.

Do I plan on changing this? NOOOOOO If it is not broke am not fixing it. This method allows me to pay all my bills on time, my credit card balances are going down, and my savings is slowly on the rise.


canadian sadie said...

I use this same method. I pay myself first into a separate savings account. The other thing I do is that every payday I pay half of each monthly bill in to a separate chequing account, and then all the bills come automatically out of that account. Whatever's left in the current account is fair game for the 2 week period between cheques. If I have extra at the end? It goes onto the credit card as an extra payment.

It took a bit of planning to get even and slightly ahead of the bills, but it works quite well now that I'm on a routine. :)

moneymonk said...

You are doing good, you have over $1200 in savings another $400 in a CD.

What's not too love, there are people that don't even have a nickel saved. Plus you are going to Antigua .......woot! You have a good life. Girl

BTW, budgets don't work. Paying yourself does. That's how you have the money stash in ING.

Keep it up, you are on course

Bklyn Diva said...

do what works best for you.. my budget is that.. my budget.. it works for me because I can allot for "upcoming" events..

most months I go over and come in under.. either way as long as its all paid and you can save its a bonus!