Friday, February 23, 2007


The tax thing is bothering me so I went back and loked at it again. I have no clue WTF I did but now I owe everybody and they damn mother. Fvck is going on. I owe uncle sam, greedy azz NY and stinky azz NJ. The taxes are definitely not getting done till April something.

I wonder if I should pay someone to look at it, but then again I cannot pay the money I owe how am I gonna pay a tax person. Am fvcked.

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Bklyn Diva said...

*waving* hey chica!!!! :) I'm alive ova here

but ummm You may want to change your exemptions.. if you work in jersey and live in NY YOU SHOULD be getting money back.. I ALWAYS DID EVEN WHEN I AIN'T HAVE NO KIDS..

you may have deductions you are missing.. and if you HAVE to pay them.. get on a payment plan.