Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Tax Man Bites

My w-2s, 1099's and everything under the sun have been plugged into Turbo Tax. I love this software because it is very user friendly. However, I absolutely do not like the running tally in the side bar of what your refund or non-refund is. WTH!! My number is red. When it comes to money we all know red is not a good color.

I will wait a few weeks before re-visiting my taxes again. I refuse to believe it is red, and the amount is not a small number. After my little tax hiatus I will go over the numbers with a fine tooth comb.

Wish me luck, because Uncle Sam and his bastard state child are about to jack me up if I let them.


Anonymous said...

I hate that "feature" too! I dread hitting "submit" on any TurboTax screen because of the way the red numbers scroll quickly to an even worse negative number.

You think it's bad with one state return - try three.

Steven said...

Man, that stinks! I hope when you revisit the numbers, they turn to black.

Single Ma said...

This is exactly why I'm procrastinating this year. I don't want to see the number cuz I probably owe.

I'll holla at ya Uncle in April. LOL

AlwaysFunkyFresh said...

Who's your daddy!?!?!?!?! Uncle fuggin' Sam. Gets us all. This explains why I waited until April 14th last year to do my taxes!

3 Things About Money said...

If you end up owing, it sux, but don't wait too long. If you overshoot the deadline due to avoidance syndrome, the penalty is pretty harsh. I speak as a fellow procrasinator who has learned from bitter experience.

Bklyn Diva said...


Especially since you are SINGLE.. with no crumbsnatchers.. I mean Kids.. :)

FORTUNATELY for me.. I am getting a refund.. a nice chunk from both federal and state :) ONLY because I started my Jazzercise franchise in 2006 lol.. so the losses helped to offset my income.

you might want to make a few charitable contributions.. sponsor somebody in a race SOMETHING!

Cheryl said...

Sponser ME in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk! 650 miles for a cure, and a nice tax write off for you!! : )