Thursday, October 18, 2007

Did anyone watch The Oprah Show????

I am sitting here watching Oprah. Today's show profiled two couples that are heavily in debt. The first couple's situation is out of this world. *Faints*
The woman in the first piece is using credit card convenience checks to pay her bills each month. Huhhhh!!!! What????? Her husband has no idea how much debt they have, wow!!

The second couple has two cars and they live in New York City. You only need one damn car, and you do not need a Lexus to be parking on the street. Thankfully there situation is not as bad as the first one. The thing that bothers me is the $100,000+ in student loans. Are you a doctor or something?

Right now am speechless, got nothing else to say.


D.C. 2 said...

I thought the first husband would be willing to move to save his family. They need to do an update on them. I didn't feel as if that show was as in depth as Oprah's previous shows with the Debt Diet. I thought these were a little sugar coated.

Have you ever seen "Big Spender." It come on A&E on Saturday's @ 11 or 11:30 ish EST. I like that guy. He tells it like it is and gives you a realistic way of paying off your debt.

Anonymous said...

Brronx Chica- I totally mised it but was caught up by another blog in boston. I couldn't believe the couple is $300,000 in debt with a baby on the way! I had to go on oprah's site to check it out!

Faith said...

Didn't see the show, and this comment doesn't have anything to do with your post. But I found your blog last week, and just wanted to thank you. I went and checked out ING because of you, and I've started my own emergency fund and am auto transferring $50 every two weeks. You are really inspiring me!!

Sistah Ant said...

think about it - two people get together with student loan debt. then it's totally possible to have 6 figure loans... and i'd bet it's becoming increasingly common.

Moneymonk said...

Alot of people live and show off thanks to credit . She was only bold enough to talk about on TV

She does not keep up with the Joneses. She is the Joneses. LOL

I saw a clip on Oprah website. I did miss the show.

I give her credit. It takes guts to talk about it and realize it is a problem

Tired of being broke said...

D.C I think he was just still in shock from all the debt that he did not know about. I would also like an update to see if they moved.

Bronx Chica, they need to clean up thier act as much as possible prior to the birth. Additional expeneses for the baby will only make things worst.

Sistah Ant, I understand the student loan debt is for two people, but it just seems to be a bit much unless you went to law school or med school.

Faith, you are most welcome.
Good luck with the emergency fund, it really makes a difference.

Moneymonk, she is the Joneses three times over. Part of me wanted to laugh at her and the other part of me wanted to cry for her.