Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Being organized saves money. No more late fees. Sometimes I am so organized a bill gets paid twice in one month.

Why do people think it is appropriate to bring babies to late night movies. If you cannot find a sitter stay your azzzz home. I paid $10 just like you. I would like to enjoy it. On that note, I loved 'Why did I get married?'....Tyler Perry did his thing.

I do not miss going to the gas station on a weekly basis to fill up. Public transportation is not so bad, when it actually works on time and I can get a seat.

I have only two financial goals for 2007 so far. I think they are both realistic and can be achieved in that time frame. I might stick to those two instead of adding more.


BK said...

LOL @ the babies at the late night movie!!! they probably didn't see Madea's Family reunion at the end when he told them to take them crying babies home and don't bring them to the movies no mo!!! LOL

Ms. Behaving said...

It's one thing for them to take over matinees but now they wanna move in on late night showtimes too?!?!.

Somebody puh-leeze say it ain't SO!!!

I mean Ms. Behaving lovez da kids but ummm we gotta find a happy medium here.

Anonymous said...

Bronx Chica- yeah It was a must to see Tyler Perry's movie- I'm a big Janet Jackson fan! Also I loved his you like using transportation- it helps alot!

Natural said...

true that. stay home! if i want to hear a crying baby, i could have stayed home. i don't even like talking adults in a movie and don't you dare let your cell phone ring in movie. the nerve of some people.