Thursday, September 27, 2007

Manhattan Temptations

Ohhhhhhhh the temptation of working in Manhattan!! Lunch on average cost $6.00 and this is on the lower end. When I step off the train I have the temptation of Starbucks and all the restaurants. Then there are the stores filled with clothes, from the low end to the high end. Lawdyyyy!! I cannot roam around during lunch hour without being tempted by everything.

The one good thing is that I can people watch. As a pf blogger, I find myself wondering how many of the people shopping during their lunch hour are in debt to their eyeballs. The lines in the clothing stores around my office are packed during the lunch rush. I see colleagues buying lunch everyday, and all I can think is wow. I am not judging, for all I know they can be debt free. Just can't help but wonder.

This week was good, I only bought lunch once. Next week I will keeping up that trend. Now if only I can get a damn seat on the damn train I would be happy.

I am waiting on lunch to finish cooking. Yeah!! go me, Single Ma I will Fedex your portion...LOL


dc_speaks said...

i like lunch too...thank you very much

dream said...

Go TBH! They say it only takes two weeks to make a new habit. Or something like that. You'll be in the habit of taking your lunch to work w/o thinking twice about in no time.

dream said...

Uh, I meant go TBB!

Sistah Ant said...

proud of you for nixing temptation! i have a no shopping during work hours rule (i work right by the mall and by R.oss) that helps.

Single Ma said...

Oh lawd, I commend you for resisting temptation. I'll be honest. All of those retailers within walking distance, I wouldn't last more than a month before giving in. LOL So good for you!

*still waiting on my food*

Tired of being broke said...

LOL @ DC speaks.

Dream am cooking right now as I type this.

Sistah Ant, all I need to remember is how much I want to be debt free.

Single Ma, am trying, is a good thing that all the money goes to debt repayment and bills. LOL

You mean Fedex did not stop by your place. Man I need to track that package, LMAO.

Ms. Behaving said...


~Gurl...That lil' thang called temptation will do it to ya er'ry time~

Don't let em' reel you in girl. You are doing SOOOOO good!! ;-)