Thursday, January 11, 2007

Brush your shoulders off

I have to send much love out to my haters. You guys motivate me even more.

Look heffer it is not my fault I have only been at the part-time gig a few months and have a different position (with a nice raise to boot! ha). Talk to management.

Not my fault this is your job, while it is my supplemental income. Sorry chica, it is not that serious, trust me. You put yourself in this position where you have to take the I don't.

Step your game up, put your game face on, bring your A game, ya da ya da ya da. Until then, am just gonna brush ma shoulders off.


AlwaysFunkyFresh said...

Who pissed you the fck off?!?!?!? Don't hurt nobody ok?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at you go!

Hang in there!