Saturday, December 15, 2007

A few words of wisdom to shoppers...Let me get this off my chest

I just finished an 8 hour shift at the part-time gig. There are a few (well alot) of things I need to get off my chest. Sorry in advance if I offend anyone.

You do not have to get it because it is on sale.

Control your kids. The store is not a playground. Also, teach your little monsters to speak with their inside voices.

I am just the cashier, the powers that be sets the prices. If you think the merchandise is expensive, then DO NOT BUY IT. I couldn't give a flying fvck if you cannot afford your Christmas gifts.


You really should not be getting another store credit card. I remember your face from last week when your visa declined. Irresponsible!!

Please take the fighting OUTSIDE. Preferably all the way outside the mall. Cuz if one of you fools miss and hit me, it's on.


You finished with your purchases and walked away. I don't care if you ran back to get one other item (after 10 minutes, mind you). GET YO AZZ BACK ON THE DAMN LINE. All those other people are waiting. You already had your damn turn.

Is that the line? Hell you think those 30+ people are standing their because we are friends.

The light is off and my back is turned. Is this register open? What you think Einstein. On top of that you see me speaking to someone. How about saying excuse me before you start running your mouth.

You need that shirt off the display? Ask for help, you damn near broke it, then have the nerve to complain.

Word to the couples 'in love', wait until your outside to argue. Obviously two broke people in a relationship is bad chemistry.

DO NOT TOUCH THE COMPUTER SCREEN. You need to know the price ask me.



Ms. MiniDucky said...

Why do people STILL not cover their mouths when they're coughing?? Especially in public around other people. *tsk*

And I don't get how people get upset at the cashiers like you have a say in what the prices are.

I'm sure you're glad that's over. I keep thinking of your advice to get a part-time and I'm tempted to, but dang, these reports are discouraging ;)

Moneymonk said...


LMAO !!! ohh the retail business, gotta love it ~

The Diva's Thoughts said...

Girl PREACH!!!!!

Velvet Jones said...

This whole, entire list killed me. Love it.

susankellogg said...

I see, you had a tiresome shopping day. And you did enjoy it. One can read it behind the lines of your list. (Joking!)

SSC said...

You said what we were all thinking. You go and say it like it is. You rock!!! I needed to hear that, as I am the one you saw with the monsters. Sorry about that!!!!

Natural said...

lol,,you should print this and put it in the bible.

truth. truth. truth.

Sarah Martel said...

Heheh - this reminded me of my days at good ol of my friends said all cashiers should be armed!! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Lol @ two broke people in a relationship is bad chemistry...sure is!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I firmly believe that everyine should be required to work six months in retail and six months waiting tables.....the world would be a nicer place.

(When I worked retail I actually had a woman tell me- TO MY FACE- that I needed to get my daddy to give me more money every month. Thanks, but I'd rather earn my own)