Friday, July 13, 2007

Random thoughts and things about me

This is a personal vent, and hardly finance related.

Lookah here Einstein..... News flash, I am not a people person, or a social butterfly....Step! Need I repeat myself.

WTF is with the fake smile? Why you give me that crazy look when I do not smile back.

Guess what, this is what my face looks like 99.9% of the times. I smile when am eating only.
This blog is the most friendly I get. Trust me on that.

So what we are blood related? I can't choose my family, but I can choose to ignore your azz.

Am broke, stop asking me to do shi.t. Yeah so what am always broke, if it is a problem to you then give me some money. I take Benjamin's only.

Leave my generic looking car alone, I don't need rims, tints or bobble head dolls on the dash ( I hate those damn dolls by the way).


Ms. MiniDucky said...

:) Family can be SOOO exasperating with their expectations.
LOL @ your generic looking car: I don't understand why no doesn't mean "NO" when you don't want to spend on your car. (And those bobbleheads are sort of creepy!)

Ms. Behaving said...

Uh sound a lot like I did last week.

Girl get it off ya chest. That's one of the best thangs you can do.