Friday, July 20, 2007

Am too lazy....

to update the 'Blogs I like' link on my page so I go to some of my favorite blogs to get to my other favorite blogs. Here is my travel BK diva I get to Organized Noise, Just Me Writing, Ms. Behavin and a few others. Ms. Behavin hooks me to Ghetto Economics and others.

From Single Ma I used to go Brooklyn Diva and Always Funky Fresh till I updated a few months I only have to go Single Ma to Boston Gals Open Wallet, Young and Broke and Money Monk and All Financial Matters among others.

Pure laziness I tell ya! With all the free time I have during the day, I need to get on the ball. I promise to do it tomorrow (remember I did not say which tomorrow). LOL


Moneymonk said...

Thanks I will return the favor

Ms. Behaving said...

Girl I'm just happy knowing you SHOUTED US OUT :-).

I'm sure you'z getting round to it. LOL

Have a great weekend!!

Sistah Ant said...

pshhh... i do the same thing!

Single Ma said...

*smh @ you*


Cuz you said out loud what I'm struggling to admit.

I'm not lazy. I'm just action challenged. Hmph!

Tired of being broke said...

Moneymonk your welcome.

Ms.Behavin...have a fabulous weekend. Hope your not betting on me getting around to it, LOL.

Sistah Ant I no longer feel guilty.

Single Ma, only you...LOL @ action challenged. Same way I tell people am not short just 'vertically challenged'.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I know how that can be. I try to keep My Favorite Blogs link current as much as posible. If someone stops commenting on my blog then I try to delete them to make room for others. It's a vicious cycle! LOL

Organized Noise said...

Like the song says, "I don't care how you get there, get there if you can". At the same time, being on your "blogs you like" list is an honor.

Bklyn Diva said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! hahahaaaa girl I used to be like that.. I know I need to UPDATE!!!

like single ma I'm action challenged!