Thursday, May 25, 2006

Welcome to my world

I decided to start this blog today May, 25 2006 about my financialjourney.
Am broke. Why?
I am not going to make excuses. I spent more than I earn, and charged the rest to credit cards.
Because of those credit cards everyone gets in college, I currently owe a few thousands dollars. (notice there are no exact figures). My goal is to pay this off within a year of today's date, save the ever elusive emergency fund and pay off student loans.

I welcome all comments and questions, hopefully visitors to my blog can hold me accountable.
There will be more about my debt in the next post.

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Andrea >> Become a Consultant Blog said...

I started consulting when I first got out of university, as a way to save up an emergency fund, buy a car (in cash), pay insurance (in cash) and put money toward a downpayment. By doing this on evenings and weekends, I was able to make do with my modest living.

A few of my friends were heavily in debt and I encouraged them to start freelancing and consulting too. By doing freelance/consulting work, they were able to erase their credit card debt.

You're very brave for telling your story and very wise to start working on an e-fund. Good for you!