Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Economy in Crisis

The economic news keeps getting worse. Lehman Brothers collapse, AIG near collapse, Wamu might be next...blah blah blah. How does it effect me? What am I doing differently?

Nada, nothing, zip, zero, zilch. I will continue to save and pay down debt just like I've been doing before.


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Julie said...

I'm not worried about the US economy because I think these are just growing pains - it is the everyday people who may have lost their jobs or homes in this crisis that I send out good wishes to. I am fortunate that I work with ShoreBank, I think it's ShoreBank's green lending that guarantees its success. Here's more about ShoreBank: I thought your readers would be interested in the HYSA offered with 3.50% APY.

Lacey said...

This was a great, short outlook on what you're doing! Just keep trekin'... its all we can do at this point! There is so much turbulence in the market today, and people need peace of mind more than ever. I wanted to offer your readers a link to another blogger who is doing great work. He writes about our 'childhood money messages' and how the best approach to stability in today's market is to resist letting these emotions control our buying/selling habits. It is really fascinating work, and something you should all check out. His name is Spencer Sherman, and you can view his blog at