Thursday, December 25, 2008


The e-fund bar has been updated to reflect my 2009 savings goal.

A raise of 4% is right around the corner somewhere.

I am silently praying that Uncle Sam and his bastard child NY State have mercy on me next year.

Paying in cash feels good, walking around with change doesn't.

I am tired of hearing about the Black Friday 2 phenomenon, a.k.a the day after Christmas sale. I have no money to spend anyways, so it does not matter. ( Is it really a phenomenon if it is just made up media hype?)

Gas is now $1.84 per gallon in my area.

Looking around my apartment I realize that I started to accumulate 'stuff'. I will now have to really assess each purchase.


Single Ma said...

Good luck with your new efund goal!

smh @ Black Friday 2. I haven't seen much of ANYTHING this entire "shopping season" that I'd consider a DEAL. Like you said, it's nothing but media hype.

Sistah Ant said...

Happy New year, and good luck with your new e-fund goal!

Mister Ant and I did get a great deal on next year's Christmas tree after the holidays...

Anonymous said...

HOw did you create that e fund bar? I've been trying to do it and I can't :(((((

poor boomer said...

You can never have too much saved up.

I have $950/mo income and a $140/mo student loan garnishment.

This leaves me with no ability to save up any emergency fund.

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