Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Pay Day

Pay day used to bring a certain amount of dread and stress to my life. This is how it used to be:

Look at direct deposit (knowing all well all the money is gone and then some).
Look at number of bills needing to be paid
Pay bills and have no money left by next day (except for cash waiting for bills to clear).

This is what pay day looks like now:

Look at direct deposit
Transfer money into savings
Pay bills (less envelopes in the mail box now)
Checking account cushion of at least $25

Change is good! slow and steady wins the race.


Moneymonk said...


Now you have a positive attidtude with money

Tired of being broke said...

Thanks! It hasn't always been that way. I am a work in progress. I grew up watching my mom struggling with money, I am trying to break the cycle. This should be a post in and of itself.

kd said...

I know that feeling too well man!

Home Loans said...

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