Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Due to recent family obligations (financially) I've had to make a few changes:
No more buying clothing or accessories or anything of the sorts until September.
I put my Netflix account on hold.
Eating out for lunch is down to maximum once per week.
Will try and keep all variable expenses to a minimum.
No more taking off Saturdays from the part-time gig unless it is a family emergency.

I need to build back up the money I spent from the Efund. Think minimum 2K


Anonymous said...

I read your blog regulary and I have to say that it gives me great hope! Keep up the good work and stay motivated. It's so hard to not spend money when everyone around you seems to have an abundant supply.

Tired of being broke said...

Thanks, it is hard work but am trying.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog today, I am just beginning to try to get my financial situation together, reading your blog has reassured me that anything is possible!!

accounting said...

Great plan! I need to make the same effort to not spend on clothing or accessories until September as well. I bet that will cut out a chunk of my spending, along with variable expenses.