Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Financial updates....goals

The first quarter of this year found me trying to get a handle on my cash flow. So far I've done a decent job of it.
My gas and electric bill stayed almost consistent during those first 3 months, so I have a better idea of what next winter will be like. Moving into my new condo obviously came with some additional expenses. So far I haven't had to go further into debt to buy anything.

During this first quarter I managed to put away $1,000 into 2 separate 6 month CDs of $500 each.

The goal for next quarter: April - June

Pay off balance on my car $1995 balance

Pay off my small student loan balance of $575

Open a 6 month CD for $1,000

Save $500 for summer outing with the girls. I know it will cost us more than this for the entire summer but this is a start. That $500 will be on a debit card that will be used solely for our outings.


Emily said...

Wow, nice job! How exciting to be paying off a car, student loan, and saving money.

Jerry said...

Good job and working to pay off your car. It's awesome when you only have to worry about gas and insurance. All the best and I hope it all leads to debt freedom!