Monday, May 10, 2010

Financial Updates

Checking account problem
I recently had an oops! Forgot to enter a few things in my register and my checking account into the negative. Thank goodness I checked my account online and noticed before the day ended. I was able to transfer money in.

There are a few things I will be doing to make sure that doesn't happen again:

Keep a larger buffer of cash in my checking account. Apparently am not the most organized person and am cutting it close.

In addition to my paper check register am going to start using Excel to track my checking account.

Use my debit card less and use cash more. That way if I forget a purchase or two it doesn't turn into a huge problem for me.

Tax Refund, 5K challenge, Eating Heatlhy, Exercise, blah, blah

According to the IRS's website my tax refund should be here before the end of the month. This means I will be able to complete my goals for singlema and RevancheGS $5K/5K challenge. Savings to date total $1,000. In my quest to loose 7lbs this month for the challenge, I did 4 mins on the treadmill and 50 leg presses.

In my quest to drop ** lbs, LOL, I joined a local gym in my neighborhood. The cost of this gym is $35 per month. This $35 isn't an additional expense because am eating out less and using that money to pay for the gym.

Eating healthier also costs more. There are now weekly runs to the store to get fruits and vegetables. Am, also trying out new vegetables. Thanks to my tweeps for keeping me motivated. A few days ago I tried kale, it was ok. I'll be trying it again.

I now make smoothies when am in a hurry in the morning instead of buying breakfast. Healthier, tastier and cheaper.

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