Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Financial Updates

Sallie Mae is doing right with my payments. I have been sending my payments in via money order with 'apply to principal only' or 'principal payment' written on the money order and payment coupon. As of today, there's one more payment waiting to be applied. I'm keeping my eyes on Sallie Mae.

There's personal finance challenge on twitter. The challenge is to save at least 20% of your income for May. The hashtag is #pfchallenge. Singlema is in charge of the challenge. Yesterday I transferred my required 20% to savings. Feels real good.

My mortgage has been on auto pay since November. Smooth sailing so far.

My new cable bill is more in line with what I would like to pay. The gas and electric bill has also come down since Winter is gone. Keeping my variable expenses down during the warmer months will be critical to me paying off Sallie Mae by years end.

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Jerry said...

I dislike Sallie Mae greatly. I had a bunch of student loans with them and there were very difficult to deal with. I finally switched to a new lender and it still leads to high payments but at least they're easier to deal with. I'm trying to raise geniuses as insurance they won't have to pay for their own education like I did ;)