Saturday, August 05, 2006


Did I mention I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!

Sometime last year I received a letter in the mail from Washington Mutual Bank. The letter indicated that customers would receive a free Target gift card if they used their debit cards for a certain number of times. Or something to that effect. Anyways I did get a $25 Target card in the mail a few months ago.

This past week I went to Target and got me a blender.

Thank you Washington Mutual for my FREE blender.


Single Ma said...

Girl I luv me some free! Whip you up a nice Margarita and enjoy your new blender!

Tired of being broke said...

You and I both. I definitely will.
Next is to open my checking account this weekend so I can get my 50 bucks.

Single Ma said...

*wiping the dust off my screen*

can we get a new post please? :-P

Tired of being broke said... has been a crazy week.
Am back and ready to roar.

Kristin said...

Harumph. i never carry cash and I never get those kind of notices from WAMU.