Sunday, February 10, 2008

Has the 'recession' hit home?

It has for me. Sales are down at the part-time gig which means hours are also down. This decrease my bottom line (a.k.a) paycheck every two weeks. I am learning to adjust by making sure I keep my variable expenses as low as possible. My budget is tight and every dollar is needed. This means any reduction is felt.

Has the 'recession' being to touch anyone else?

I am actually looking forward to those $600 - $1,200 rebate checks. Hopefully, consumers will decide to spend a portion of it.


Jesse said...

I wish they had reduced capital gains tax instead of the handout. I really think 99% of people will just put that rebate towards debt.

Anonymous said...

I wish they had extended unemployment benefits. People who are making money on investments (and thus paying capital gains at 15%) are doing JUST FINE.

Natural said...

i'll spend a little but most of it is going to pay off debt because i hate debt!

Moneymonk said...

Usually in retail they hire alot around the Christmas holiday and in February they begin to layoff. Seems like that is what's going on.

Rebate checks will not be distrubted until May. The government want to wait after the April 15 deadline so they can know if anyone owe money before they can pass out checks.

Dimples said...

I still haven't decided on what I will be doing with mine. Either way it will be used wisely.