Friday, February 15, 2008

Increase in credit card offers

Ever since I consolidated my credit card debt the number of credit card offers have increased drastically. Before the consolidation I almost never got any offers....this week alone I received four....yes 4. Straight to the shredder I go. Now I see how easy it is to get into the cycle of credit card debt over and over again.

Well, credit card companies TBB is not playing around. She is paying down the debt consolidation loan through payroll deductions. So go away and leave her alone.


Anonymous said...

Prior to shredding, read the fine print and find the paragraph on how to "opt out" of receiving future offers. By calling, you`can have your name removed from the mailing list for five years or forever. It may take several months for them to stop arriving. I chose the five year plan myself. Good luck.


Tired of being broke said...

I called the number an opt-out abou three years ago. That is why I thought it was strange I was getting this many offers. The debt consolidation was the only reason I could see for the increase. I'll take your advice and opt-out once again.

Jessi said...

I'm curious about your credit score. The reason being, I have considered doing this same consolidation, but my credit score is junk right now. I don't think anyone will give me a loan for anything.