Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lay Off Plan

In the unfortunate even that I am laid off in the future, here are a few things I plan on doing to survive:

Ditch the car. It will be sold to the buyer with the best offer.
This eliminates the car and insurance payments.

Break my lease and stay with a family member. This plan has been talked about with said family member, and I have 6 months rent FREE.

After 6 months and nothings happens, I would have to suck it up and move to Florida to be with mom and dad. (This plan is a last resort, I will be homeless with absolutely no income plan.)

Increase hours at the part-time gig. I would have more time to work extra hours.

Downgrade cellphone to the most basic plan AT&T has.

Place student loans in the back burner until a full time job is in hand.

All of the above will be done while pounding the pavement everyday looking for work.


Ms. MoneyChat said...

Sounds like a good plan. Hopefully you won't have to execute it, but if you do, at least you're prepared.

ambellamy said...

After reading your post, I kind of decided to have my own plan. It's unlikely that i'll be fired... but my roommate might, and if that happens i'll have to cover her rent, break a lease, or worse (I don't wanna think about it)

So i'm looking for a better job right now... and I've actually applied for a job I would love to work at... Here's hoping for an interview!

Mark said...

I like the blog. Read through some posts. Lots of real life applicable information