Saturday, November 08, 2008

New York City Mayor announces layoffs

Mayor Bloomberg this week announced layoffs as part of the plan to balance the budget. I am a tad bit nervous. From what I know it does not affect me, at least not yet. Time to buckle down even more.

I am coming up with a layoff plan.

Anyone has a back up plan in case they are laid off?


ambellamy said...

While I think my job is pretty secure, I keep my resume updated, my interview outfit clean, and I keep my eyes peeled for the now hiring signs (even at fast food places.)

My emergency fund will get me threw 3 months, but i'll want a paycheck coming in even while i'm hunting.

Sistah Ant said...

Your mayor and my mayor must do lunch together. I had a shot at a city job before my city went broke and eliminated all unfilled positions. I've been preparing for a layoff for the past seven months.

Revanche said...

You betcha. Have been applying for jobs for a while now before the layoffs hit.

Christine said...

It really is very unfortunate how many people are getting laid off daily. My husband may be recipient to it soon. You might benefit from this article: How to Prepare for a Layoff. I like your idea of having a layoff plan.