Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Lately I've been cooking more. The key in not getting into a rut is trying new recipes. My new thing is to pick two recipes for the week and purchase my ingredients that week. I will cook twice that week which is usually a serving of five or more (am single). The left overs I freeze until next time. The recipe for tonight was my version of jambalaya. Next up later this week is soup. Not a particular type of soup, but whatever ingredients is in the kitchen type of soup. As long as it is well seasoned there is no problem.

I do not like to cook at all. My new method makes it easier on me, and I actually look forward to trying new recipes. Whole Foods Market has great recipes on their website. Those are the ones I've been using as well as a mix from about.com food section.

In my quest to eat healthier (organic, more whole grains, raw, blah blah blah) grocery shopping is a bit more expensive. However, because I am eating out less when it comes to lunch, my overall food bill is pretty much the same.


Sistah Ant said...

Since I'm at home more (because of not working) I'm cooking more. I'm actually enjoying it, and I don't really miss junk food.

Money Funk said...

Okay, click on my webpage. On the top is 'eating healthy on a budget'. Should help! ;) (no, its not a paid advertisement. i have it cuz I believe in promoting healthy eating)

Me, I decided to try 3 new recipes this week! I spent 2 hours yesterday prepping and cooking everything. Makin' it easy breasy! lol! Love jambalaya... what time should i come over???

And if you are eating raw: try he Banana who Thought He was Coffee. Its really yummy in the morning.

Jerry said...

Good for you on the whole foods/organic quest. I wholeheartedly believe it is insurance for your health. We try our best to do this and it makes a big difference for us. It leads to very few doctors visits. Good luck on finding good recipes. I use epicurious.com a lot. Delicious and you can substitute more nutritious foods if you want.

LJ Innes said...

I found you totally by mistake ... just wanted to see what i'd get if i typed in 'tired of being broke' and there you were. being single in this economy stinks! whether you're working or not! my challenge is how i keep working at a job that keeps requiring more from me and hasn't given me a raise in two years! i've lost "friends" over this because i can't financially keep up with people's social agendas! some friends! but really who can blame them, i'm even sick of hearing myself say "sorry i can't go, i don't have the funds". if you live in the tri-state area and you have no one to split the rent with, you're screwed. I'm usually upbeat and funny, lately i'm just tired and moody - pretty much "i'm done." can't even find a part time job to supplement my non-raises. Meanwhile the big wigs have taken bonuses every year. Ya think they could spare a grand or two out of their six figure bonus just to keep us happy? sorry, just had to vent to someone who might understand, because i don't think people who aren't single understand this at all.