Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Retail Shopping Habits

Based on my own personal observations at the part-time gig, it will be very difficult for retailers to get consumers to pay full price again. I've seen countless customers disappointed when the clearance item does not have an additional discount. They balk at retail prices that have no promotional sales. Bad habits, or in this case good habits (saving) will be hard to break.


Anonymous said...

Recently, I saw a book at a local Borders that I wanted selling for $15.00. By waiting a week for delivery and ordering online at, I was able to buy the same item new for about $7.00 including shipping, which comes to over a 50% savings. I will not shop retail if I don't have to!

What you see happening may be a global trend - why pay more when you can pay less.

Anonymous said...

I checked my records & I actually paid $8.00 for the book but that is still slightly over a 46% savings. Every little bit helps imo.