Monday, March 22, 2010

What blogging has done for me financially...

Gave me the opportunity to openly talk about money openly. I don't do that in real life.

Keeps me accountable.

Taught me to pay myself first. Or should I say I knew that before but blogging kept me honest.

I learn something new everyday from other bloggers.

Since I began blogging:
I've paid down a substantial amount of credit card debt, bought a condo, prioritize my bills properly, contribute more to my retirement account and above all......I got more peace of mind where my finances are concerned.

I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck.


Revanche said...

I remember we both started around the same time.

You've made an incredible amount of progress with so little fanfare. I'm glad you stuck around even if you blogged pretty sporadically!

Rad said...

Long time no see. I didn't even know you bought a Condo, congrats girl.

Chitown said...

Keep up the good work. Blogging helps me too.

Damilola said...

Good Luck with your journey out of being broke. I am going through a similar journey myself. Writing about it definitely keeps me accountable

EasyChange said...

That is awesome! I think it is amazing how much just getting involved can help you out!

Good luck on your continued progress.

Sistah Ant said...

I am so happy it's not paycheck to paycheck for you!