Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Financial Updates

I closed my Wachovia bank account. This is all in an effort to make my financial life simpler. It's a process I started a while back but got distracted.

My refund was supposed to be direct deposited into my account by the end of May. The date came and went and no refund. Uncle Sam caused me to fail the $5K/5K challenge for singlema and RevancheGS. I am super competitive by nature, and failure isn't an option. I will be finishing this challenge. My goal was to save $5,000. However, because Uncle Sam held on to my cash, I was only able to save $1,000.

Speaking of Uncle Damn Sam. He held up my refund because he needed additional paperwork. Let's wait and see how long before I get MY money. I have a few financial goals to accomplish with my refund. I'll detail those plans when I have the money in my account.

1 comment:

Revanche said...

Hey now! You didn't fail! And you will finish. Just because you didn't hit the date (no one did) doesn't mean any of us stop trying, right? And that $50 GC totally goes toward your goal.

I've gotta figure out new ways to drum up cash since my last few opps have dried up.