Saturday, October 23, 2010

Financial Changes

A new gym membership which costs $10 per month with an annual fee of $29 starting October 2011.

Currently job searching in hopes of getting a minimum 15 - 20% raise.

I've been eating out lunch and breakfast almost everyday. For November my goal is to limit that to once or twice per week max. This is not good for my wallet or waist line.

Recently upgraded my Chase checking account. It now comes with perks such as free money orders, gift cards, a safe deposit box etc.

This will be my second winter in the new condo. I'm hoping to get a better handle on my electical and gas bill this year.


cn said...

what's the name of this gym that only charges 10 bucks per month? I need to join too

Jerry said...

Good job on the gym membership. That's a great deal. But, you're right about eating. It does usually lead to a thicker waistline. I used to have a gym membership when my insurance cut me a break on my premium but now I just work out at home and it works for me AND it's free :)

Yum Yucky said...

I hope your November is shaping up as planned! :)