Thursday, July 31, 2008

Savings Update

Today, I officially passed the $1,000 mark in my savings account. It has been a long time since I've saved over $1,000. Currently I have a little below $1,300. Yeahhhhh, gooooo meeeeeee.

I will not touch, I will not touch, I will not touch, I will not touch.

$600 is currently in a CD until January.

I will be opening another CD in about two weeks. This will be after next paycheck and it will put my savings to over $1,700 (including the CD). I will transfer at least $700 for my next CD.


My Girlish Figures said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! your well on your way to your goal...what happens if you have to take your money out of a cd? do you get penalized?

Tired of being broke said...

Yeah there is 3 months interest penalty. The strategy I am using is to make sure I have a few hundred dollars available before I transfer to a new CD.

It also helps that I get paid weekly.

Moneymonk said...

don't touch it, don't touch it, don't touch it.

The difference between people with savings and people with debt is patience

Ms. Behaving said...

You go girl!!!

Oh and ditto what money monk says "DON'T TOUCH IT!!! :-)

Sistah Ant said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I know what that 1,000 milestone feels like - you should be SO proud!

and oh yeah,
don't touch it
don't touch it
don't touch it