Saturday, July 22, 2006

Getting in my own way

Having a plan don't mean ish unless there is action behind it. I am a planner, am talking anal-retentive-don't-like-surprises, type of planner. I had my four years of college mapped out before I was done with freshman year. I always have a plan A, B, C, D etc. I do not like when things mess with my plans. However, such is life. Plans are not set in stone. I wished this was something I knew a few years ago.

My plans are also emotionally based. If I have a great plan but emotions boil over, I change it. Why? No concrete logical reason, just my emotional response to whatever I deem an emotional disturbance. Money and emotions do not mix. (deep breath) Repeat! Money and emotions do not mix. Ok I get it, or at least that is what I tell myself. I talk a good game.

Am guilty in the past of rationalizing my purchases. Not that I am a lot better now, but I am a work in progress. No more rationalizing my purchases. I am my own stumbling block to financial freedom and ultimately getting out of debt.

Now that am paying bills monthly and also paying down debt I realize that had emotions not gotten in the way I would have been in a better position. Perhaps I would have had higher student loans and lower credit card debt, had I not used my credit card to pay for dormitory when I had no place to stay. (that's a whole other post) Looking back, emotions aside I would have made a more logical decision. I would have researched my options more instead of whipping out the credit card.

You live you learn. I am a work in progress.


Me said...

great post sis ! exactly what i was thinking , my problem is I always have a plan but rarely stick to that plan .

we will get it together soon im sure !

Tired of being broke said...

Admitting it is the first step.
I know we will get it together.