Monday, July 17, 2006

The Heat Is On!!!!

The tri-state area is under a heat wave warning. My car (black) was so hot after work today I could have made bacon and eggs on the dash. I will be going into the auto store to get one of those thingies you put over the windshield to block out the sun. Not sure what you call them. Does anyone know if these things work?


Robyn said...

Yes, they work! I had a black car and it was GREAT!!! It REALLY cuts down on the heat-factor, so you won't feel like your car has been on 690 degrees!

Single Ma said...

Yes, I agree, they do work. My car is also black and the heat inside is ferocious! I hate when my steering wheel is too hot to touch. The visor helps to cool it down a bit. Now only if I can remember to put it up everytime I get out.

Tired of being broke said...

Ladies thank you so much, amd definitely getting one this weekend.

Single Ma and right there with you with steering wheel thing. DAMN!! You should see how I drive off barely touching the wheel.