Friday, July 28, 2006

Things that bothered me this week.........

Here goes the weekly random stuff!

1. I made a detour to work this morning, and saw gas at $2.97 per gallon. Yipppeeeee! I immediately filled up before coming back to NY. (this did not bother me, since I paid $3 recently)

2. Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping. This will only give me a freakin headache.

3. I need new reading glasses. MY HSA will come in handy.

4. What the heck are all those freakin tax thingies on the cellphone bill. Crap!!

5. I went to the doctor this week. Copay, copay, copay! I guess it is a necessarily evil.


Anonymous said...

Man, you sound like me.

Common Cents said...

isn't it sad when we get happy over $2.97/gallon? i remember when i could fill my car up for $11 (and this was in the 90s, not 50s!)

ugh@the grocery store. i've never been good in there. i go in for a few things and come out w/ 4 bags that magically add up to $90. craziness. when i lived in NY i'd get the Pathmark newsletter & it came with coupons, maybe that would help?

i hate the copay! i have to take my son to the doctor for more shots soon and that's another $25 i have to pay.

Me said...

i was in PA this weekend and gas was like 2.55 ..

copays are a killer - u know how many appointments i have rescheduled cause i didnt have the copay !

Single Ma said...

I hate copays. Health ins should be FREE!!

I miss the days when I had Medicaid. I heard now, they even require a copay. Like $1 or something. LOL

Tired of being broke said...

Leighan hopefully soon we will be singing a different tune.

Common cents it is crazy to be happy over 2.97 per gallon.... I wish I could fill up for $11.

Me...girl you should have bought me a whole barrel...LOL

Single Ma you can say that again. I remember when I had free healt insurance from NY State for low income workers who do not get insurance at work. For two years I did not pay a dime out of pocket. I miss those days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tired of being broke,
I've been reading your blog archives and keep going!

You will get there.