Thursday, September 28, 2006

A few financial things that are happening:

I sent sallie mae $25 online from my bank. Then I sent her a money order for $50 'apply to principal only'. It is still left to be seen if she will listen. The $25 did satisfy the interest and $9 went to principal. Wooptieee dooooo.

The check from the part-time gig is now direct deposit starting yesterday. So, am getting paid every week, one week Wednesday and one week Thursday.

The emergency fund at ING was depleted recently. However, I restarted with the same $100. What am happy to say is my HSBC account will be funded every two weeks with $40 from the part-time gig. I will be funding two emergency fund at once. The HSBC fund will be to pay towards a debt at the end of the year.

Since am getting two paychecks I should be saving something from both. Pay yourself first it is.


3 Things About Money said...

You go girl, pay that Sallie leech off. Congratulations!

Tired of being broke said...

Thanks, am trying am trying. The plan is to get her out of my hair within one year.

Single Ma said...

Maaaaaan, you are motivating ME to get Ms Sallie outta my life. I've been carrying that chic on my hip since 1997 and still $14k to go. I need to devise a plan.

Tired of being broke said...

We have to form a get rid of sallie mae club.
3 things about money is where I got the idea from to send the payments in smaller installment weekly versus the two bigger ones.

I want her out within the next 12 months. That B@@@@ is getting on my last nerve.

GolbGuru said...

Kudos ! paying yourself work wonders for you in the long term. However, if you are looking to get rid of a debt, it might be better you put more into your HSBC fund and get rid of the debt faster.

First Year said...

Sounds like things are going well, I have been following and just wanted to send some encouragement your way :)

Tired of being broke said...

Goldguru thanks for the encouragement. The paycheck from the part-time gig pretty much goes to sallie mae. I am saving a small amount each time to ramp up my savings while paying down debt.

First year...thanks for the encouragement.

This blog has made me more accountable about my finances. I have learned so much more in the process.