Sunday, September 03, 2006

I got my first paycheck from the part-time gig. The payroll schedule falls opposite of my regular job's payroll. This mean I will have income each week for as long as I can continue both jobs. This is going great. Surprisingly, my social life has not suffered much.
Bye bye bills. Debt free here I come.


Single Ma said...

Yay!! Glad to hear things are working out.

Me said...

hey lady nice to have an income every week !

beautyinbaltimore said...

I'm trying to join you. So far I'm being a good girl as far as my plastic goes.

Beyond Broke said...

I really admire you, keep up the good work!

Tired of being broke said...

Single Ma thanks girl.

Me, girl I absolutely love it.

Get on board Single Ma would say credit card debt is not fabulous.

Thanks beyondbroke, am still a work in progress.