Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sallie Mae payment update

Here are the last 5 payments to Sallie Mae:
09/28/06 - $50
10/06/06 - $25
10/12/06 - $30
10/20/06 - $40
10/26/06 - $30

My weekly payment is working out to be 4 payments per month. Starting this month I will make one additional payment at the end of the month. They will both be on the same day, with the second payment 'apply to principal only'. So far the weekly payment routine is getting better and saving me hundreds if not thousands in interest.

The current interest rate on this loan is 10.25%.


Single Ma said...

I cringe when I see her name. Good job on the self induced repayment plan.

Tired of being broke said...

Am working hard on gettin rid of her ASAP. I don't like her at all.