Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Financial ADD

Today it finally hit me. I have financial ADD. What does this mean? I try to do too many things at once financially, without focussing on any one particular thing. Until I started blogging and writing things down, I would try to do one too many things at once. At the end I realized not much was getting done.
My focus has now changed. The goal is to accomplish the small tasks I set up for myself.

1. Save $1,000 in my HSBC emergency account. The balance today is $360. I will accomplish this small goal first before I take on any more.
Until I posted a few weeks ago on my goals, I have never written any financial goals. This is a start and I hope it makes a difference.

1 comment:

CollegeGrad said...

Alright now! Writing down your goals is the first step to being debt free by 30! You can do it, We can do it (just as soon as I get a job)! Keep it up!