Friday, June 30, 2006

Price of groceries, up up and away!

The price of groceries have gone through the roof. I just went to the supermarket and the damage was $200+ . WTH!! Granted there are three of us here for the summer, I did not expect to spend that much. The price of groceries have been increasing steadily over the past few months, at least at the supermarket where I shop.

One theory is that as the price of gas rises, everything else including groceries steadily rises too. The groceries I bought today will last at least three weeks because I am not going back to the supermarket before that. The budget that I set for groceries was lower than what I actually spent. Next time around I will be trimming the fat (no pun intended)!


Single Ma said...

Hey Tired *wavin*

Honestly, 3 weeks for 3 people for $200 is not bad. I spend more than that and it's only two of us. LOL

I can't bring myself to buy "clearance" meat/bread and I forget to clip coupons, so my grocery bill is always through the roof. Especially when I'm re-upping on the snacks!

Tired of being broke said...

*wavin* Right back at ya!
Thanks for making me feel better. For a minute there it was just me with the high grocery bill. Well it is only temporary it should go down after summer.

have a wonderful weekend!