Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Things I will not live without

OK, I will admit off the bat that some of these items might be a 'luxury' for other people. However, these are the things that I will not live without. Am not going to rationalize whether they are needs, wants, or luxuries. To me they are just basic and make my life a lot easier and more enjoyable.
Here goes:
* Broadband internet access ( I refuse to go back to dial up, plus I don't even have a phone line in the apt.
* Cellphone
* Magazine subscription (Essence, Black Enterprise and Oprah). I have been a subscriber since college, so I still get the student rate.
* Annual vacation (some place outside the continental U.S)

These are the items that I can think of that I could cut out and save some money. I have made other steps to reduce the amount of money I spend each month, and these items are non-negotiable.


Single Ma said...

It's hard to view those things as "luxury" cuz I couldn't imagine being without them either. Then again, I just got high speed internet and I haven't been on a vacation all year (with no plans in the near future). No wonder I've been moody lately. Hmm..

Kristin said...

Here's a nice little tip for you:

Get your magazine subscriptions off of Ebay.

Go to ebay, and search for "Magazine Subscription s/h".
Then sort by lowest price first. Many sellers trick you into paying $0.99 for a subscrption, but $15.00 for s/h. So if you type in s/h into the search box, most returns you get have "free s/h" in the title.

I got 3 Years of Shape for $0.99, OK! for $11.00, and I also subscribe to Glamour, Jane, US Weekly, and a few others. Some sellers group "Shape, Jane and Glamour" into one auction. I got my ex-husband 4 years of Maxim for $0.99. Insane.

Just pay attention to seller feedback. Seller "CheapSubscriptions" is pretty good. ;)

I, like you, are a magazine whore.