Sunday, December 17, 2006

Year To Date

For the first time I took a really good look at the 'Year To Date' column on my paycheck. I had a light bulb moment. This column is scary as hell. When I look at the different categories I am almost in shock. I have to make my money work better for me in 2007. The only category that was reassuring was the contributions to my retirement fund. It is a definite sense of accomplishment to know that I have over $4,000 saved for retirement.

Anyone else find the 'Year To Date' column interesting? scary?


btc said...

I get a little upset with myself when I look at how much (or little) I've contributed to my retirement account. I didn't really understand anything about 401(k)s or company matches until recently. I had been working for over a year before I started to contribute. Fortunately, I only lost out on 4 months of matching. But that's still free money I let go!

Bklyn Diva said...

I love to see my numbers!!! especially the bonus columns!!!! :)

I got over the YTD column about 3 yrs ago when I broke a "barrier" as far as my desired income..

that YTD column was a reality check back in 94 when I was out on maternity leave and I tried to apply for WIC the lady was really nice to me and only used my disability paystub and not my actual paycheck.. I loved her for it.. and then again in 98 when she did the same thing and my pay had increased about 25K in that time!

make your money work for you while u can with no kids!!! that January essence is very good.. one of the better issues.. especially the financial section!

Tired of being broke said...

BTC my 403B contribution column is actually one of the better ones.

BKDiva I have the January issue. I have only scanned it, but this weekend, I will be reading it cover to cover. Am getting my hustle on now that I have no obligations to anyone else.

Ms. MiniDucky said...

Eeesh, the YTD column makes me freak out about how many OT hours I've worked this year. Tryin' not to be a little punk about it but man, that's a LOT of time. Definitely feelin' you w/needing to do better next year.